Four Signs of a Great Staffing Firm

You’re looking for a job and you need a little help.  Maybe you’re unemployed and your uncle keeps clipping newspaper ads (!) and mailing them to you.

Or maybe you already have a job you’re not crazy about, but it’s hard to job hunt on just evenings and weekends.

Working with a staffing firm could be just the thing you need to find your dream job. But there’s like a million of them. How do you know which one to choose?

Here Are Four Signs You’ve Chosen The Right One.

1. They care.

I know, I know. Too touchy-feely right? But unless they take the time to find out what you can really do – what you like and what you hated on previous jobs – they aren’t going to be much help. A great staffing firm will want you to come in and talk in person. Sure, they’ll go over your resume in detail, but they’ll also take the time to find out what’s not on your resume. Skills and abilities you use in your hobbies that you might not think to include. A dream job or target company that you never thought you could get into.

2. They tear apart your resume.

Sounds terrifying doesn’t it? But they look at resumes all day long. You want someone who will dig deep to make your resume the best it can be, not give it a once-over and say, “looks fine.” If you are entry level, maybe your resume could use some polish. If you are an older worker, you may use outdated terms that will give you away. A great staffing professional will see these things and build an outstanding resume with pure grit and the scraps you handed him.

3. They have connections.

The expression “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is no joke. Great staffing firms have relationships with decision makers at tons of companies – hopefully the ones you want to get into. How will you know? Ask. Find out what companies they have placed people with recently and in what sort of positions. Don’t ask what companies they are currently recruiting for because many companies open their recruiting to multiple staffing firms. You want to hear about their results.

4. They advocate for you.

Staffing firms walk a bit of a tightrope. Technically, they are paid by the employer, so that is where their loyalty lies. But in reality, what is best for the candidate is ultimately what is best for the company. If he gets to know you well, and knows the company well, he will be able to create a match that will make you happy and help you advance your career. In turn that means less turnover and more productivity for the employer.

You know who’s a great staffing firm? Professional Staffing Group! Contact us so we can prove it by helping you find a great job in Jackson.