Six Things You Need to Learn Before Walking Into an Interview

Preparing for a job interview is one of the most important aspects of the job search process. It is something that must take place prior to each interview, no matter how many interview you are attending for the same company. Each interview will be different so a little extra research on the company is key to succeeding in the search for a job offer.

Here, we have compiled the top six things you need to learn prior to stepping foot in the door of a job interview.

#1 Study the Company Interviewing You

The first thing you must do prior to a job interview is study everything you can about the company. The more you study, the more successful you will be at impressing the interviewer and everyone else you meet while at the company. The more knowledge of the company you have, the higher your confidence will be when you step foot in their door. Confidence is a major player of the job interview process. Interviewers know when you are confident in yourself and when you are not.

#2 Create a List of Questions

Prior to an interview you should absolutely create a list of questions that you can ask of the interviewer during the meeting–based on what you’ve learned about them in your research. These questions should be in response to questions asked by the interviewer so you will need to be able to anticipate what you will be asked based on the industry in which you work. When you have a list of follow-up questions, an interviewer will be very impressed with the homework you did because it shows a sincere effort to prepare for the interview.

#3 Practice Positive Visualization

Positive visualization is a common form of meditation used by actors and professional athletes today. Learn how to do this and put this to good use prior to your interview. When you visualize positive things happening during the interview, you will walk into the room with confidence and a strong outlook. Visualize yourself sitting straight-up, with a smile on your face and as relaxed as possible. If you do this a couple of times prior to the interview, you should not have any trouble succeeding in front of the interviewer.

#4 Write the Interview Script

Another excellent thing you can learn about prior to the interview is how to draft a script of your responses. We know that job interviews are unscripted, but by writing a script you can put yourself at a major advantage. Once the script is written, rehearse the interview with a friend or colleague. This will help you prepare strong, succinct answers for the interviewer.

#5 Learn More About Your Resume

Take a long look at your resume. Try to figure out what it was on the resume that made the human resource director contact you about a job interview. If you can do this, you will be able to highlight this point throughout the interview by using examples from your work history. Learn how to write a better resume for the next interview, or update the one you have now.

#6 Find Out Where the Company is Going

As part of your pre-job interview preparation, be sure to use the company’s website to your advantage – by learning where the company is headed in the future. This includes reading their most recent press releases, their annual reports and who their top executives are right now. All of this is information you can present at the right time during the job interview. It will show you did your homework and are genuinely interested in the company.

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