Want a Successful Fourth Quarter? 5 Staffing Strategies You Should Follow

Lining your company up for success in the fourth quarter does not have to be as difficult as you may think. Even if previous quarters produced less than stellar results, you should have no trouble at all, especially when it comes to staffing management. How?

We have come up with the five most important staffing strategies that every company should follow in order to be successful in the fourth quarter of this year.

#1 Temporary Staffing is Key

Companies that take advantage of hiring temporary staff members will find success is easier to come by no matter the quarter. Temporary staffing can be added anytime of the year when your company has an excess of work that needs to be completed. When your current workforce cannot get the job done, adding temporary employees can make things much easier for everyone involved.

#2 Utilize a Structured Interview Process

When putting together your staff for the fourth quarter, you need to utilize a structured interview process. You can guarantee equal treatment of candidates by planning the content and method of evaluation used for each job candidate. Make sure you focus on the past work experience of the candidate and not their personality. Look for examples from the candidate that show success in the workplace.

#3 Prioritize Weak Spots of the Workforce

As you prepare to hire for the fourth quarter, be sure you look at the weak spots within your workforce right now. When you make it a point to address the weak spots, you will find that success will come into play for your company. You need to rank the weak spots based on which ones need to be addressed earliest by your staffing procedures.

#4 What Do Your Employees Need?

For some firms, especially smaller ones, it could be a good idea to ask your current workforce what they need in order to be successful. If this is the case, make sure you find out how many more people are needed in their division or department in order to meet monthly or quarterly quotas. When you provide your employees with plenty of help, your company’s operations will move smoothly from start to finish.

#5 Consider On-Call Workers

Another option for your fourth-quarter staffing strategy is to consider hiring on-call workers. These can be considered contract or freelance workers, where they are assigned work as it comes in and can complete it quickly. On-call workers will be able to help your company achieve success at varying levels because they can be called upon at anytime to handle your work overload without turning clients away because of a lack of employees who can perform the tasks.

If you are looking for assistance with your staffing strategies for fourth quarter, contact Jackson’s leading staffing firm, Professional Staffing Group, for help today. We look forward to working with you!