Understanding the Costs of Hiring “Average Talent”

One of the most difficult jobs at any organization is that of the hiring manager or recruiter. These folks are responsible in large part for the success of the company based on whom they choose to hire. Ultimately, it’s their job to fill open spots with the best talent in the industry.

How Average Talent Sneaks In

Recruiters are overwhelmed. They often have to sift through thousands of resumes and applications, interview countless candidates, and then make difficult decisions based on a couple of face-to-face meetings. After all of this is accomplished, the person hired for each job may not turn out to be as expected. People lie on resumes and have their friends fill in as references. They will say and do just about anything to get a job in a tough economy. Even an outstanding appearing candidate can actually turn out to be an “average” performer — with no long term value to the company other than being a warm body to fill another seat at the company. This can cost the company in lost revenues as the average employee just doesn’t bring a lot of value to the company, and may even become a liability rather than an asset.

How can a company understand the impact that hiring average talent has?

Average Talent Requires More Attention from a Supervisor or Manager

When there is average talent employed at a company, that person’s manager or supervisor will be spending quite a bit of time with them. They will require extra attention in order to get their work done or for them to complete it correctly. When managers get stuck spending time with average talent, their focus is taken away from other important duties that they normally perform. This can lead to a mistake being made elsewhere within their department.

Average Talent Can Harm the Company’s Reputation

The reputation of the company is very much at stake when average talent is employed. Even though they might not be the best workers out there, they will still need to interact with clients on a regular basis and this could prove deadly for the company. When a company’s reputation is tarnished because of an average employee, it can be very difficult to build it back up to where it once was, no matter how many top-notch employees are on the payroll.

Average Talent Causes a Drag in Motivation

Having average employees on your payroll can lead to the decrease in motivation of your better employees, no matter how much you trust them. This is caused by other team members having to pick up the slack left hanging by the average employee. When this happens more than once, the other employees can become resentful. They could also lose enthusiasm for their job and fail to complete their own work on time or up to the standards of the company.

Average Talent is More Likely to be Fired or Quit

Average employees are more likely to quit their jobs or to be let go from their jobs because of the work they perform, or do not perform. This group of employees is more likely to exhibit a higher turnover rate than other groups of employees. This is where the costs of replacing the average worker come into play. The hiring manager must now purchase space for more job ads, spend time sifting through resumes and interviewing another group of candidates.

All of this can be avoided from the start by hiring the best possible talent for the positions available at your company. Screen all candidates carefully, conduct background checks, and hire pre-evaluated talent from Professional Staffing Group. Contact us today to learn more about our Jackson employment services.