The 10 Things Employees Want from Your Company

As an employer, have you ever stopped to think why your best employees are loyal to your company, why they work hard for you, and how certain ones tend to step up into leadership roles? On the other hand, you also worry about the employees who are frustrated, constantly showing up late to work, calling in sick, or not meeting up to performance standards.

What’s the secret here?

There are certain factors that you may not be aware of that can help to create a more engaged and productive workforce. If you can identify them, you can pretty much ensure that it will be smooth sailing from here on out.

Find out what employees want from your company with this list of ten things you can focus on now.

#1 – Employees want fair compensation.

A job is not just a paycheck for most people. If you offer a generous wage and benefits to your employees, based on current industry rates, you can expect more satisfied workers who won’t be looking for better pay elsewhere. Annually, check your salary rates against reputable salary surveys for your industry, then adjust accordingly.

#2 – Employees want rewarding work.

Many working professionals get stuck in ruts because they become bored or frustrated with their job tasks. They may be overwhelmed with too much piled on them, or they may not have enough to keep their minds busy. Allocate tasks according to skillsets and job types. Hire temps to handle some tasks during peak seasons to avoid employee burnout.

#3 – Employees appreciate a thank you.

When is the last time you took a moment to thank one of your employees? Everyone needs to feel appreciated for a job well done. Make it a policy that all managers have ways to say thanks to their teams, and demonstrate this appreciation on a regular basis. Offer employee incentives that are meaningful to our workers.

#4 – Employees deserve respect.

Every employee brings value to the organization, but even with diversity initiatives. many managers lose sight of this. Good employees walk out the door in favor of more positive work experiences where they are respected. Make sure respect comes from all levels and do not tolerate bullying in the workplace.

#5 – Employees thrive on work-life balance.

Want happier and more productive employees? Give them what they need the most – a chance to experience more work-life balance. Many have families and school and other personal pursuits that they need to have the ability to manage. Make work schedules and paid time off flexible.

#6 – Employees like a great environment.

Employees in general do much better in an environment that offers comfortable seating or work stations, good lighting, and places to destress from time to time. Offer a nice employee break area, casual work attire options, and the latest in technology to make your work environment more pleasant.

#7 – Employees need wellness support.

Along with work-life balance, all employees need access to health and wellness services. Whether you offer a quality employee benefita program, or you provide on-site support to help employees meet their wellness goals, this is what will make your workplace better. Multiple studies have shown that companies earn back a great investment for every dollar spent on corporate wellness.

#8 – Employees like to celebrate.  

Instead of just saying thanks once in a while, why not hold regular employee meetings that include some fun? Have at least a monthly birthday party for the workplace, or have a quarterly after-hours party. Give employees something to celebrate by offering free drinks, meals, and a place to unwind when they’ve done so much for your company.

#9 –  Employees want to learn new skills.

The workplace has become more than just a space to earn a simple paycheck. Today’s employees want the opportunity to grow as professionals and to learn new skills that they can use to accomplish this. Make sure you offer ongoing training and certification opportunities to maintain your top-performing employees and help low performers get better at their jobs.

#10 – Employees need strong leadership.

It’s been said many times that employees leave bad managers, not bad jobs. Therefore, you will want to take steps to ensure you have a great management team that is training on employee retention techniques, knows when to augment the team with temporary workers, and uses effective management communication.

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