How to Stay Engaged and Productive This Summer

With the summer in full swing, it can be very difficult to stay focused and productive at the workplace. Many employees find themselves daydreaming about sitting on a beach somewhere far away with an adult beverage in their hands. Others just want to be sitting outside in their backyard grilling and playing with their children.

Whatever the situation, you need to stay engaged and productive during the summer months so you do not sacrifice your job or the success of the company. Here’s how:

Flexible Scheduling is Key

An employer that offers flexible scheduling in the summertime for employees will see productivity remain the same or even improve. A flexible schedule will allow employees to leave early once per week if their work is complete. When they know that this perk is staring them in the face, they will do whatever it takes to make sure they can achieve it.

Schedule Company Outings

Take advantage of the summer weather and host company events, with a large chunk of them occurring outdoors when the forecast cooperates. This helps to break up the monotony of the workday during the dog days of summer and can motivate employees to perform to the best of their abilities. These events should not involve performing any type of work. Instead, they should be barbecues, trips to baseball games, a golf outing or a company picnic for employees and family members. All of these events will help build the morale of the company while breaking up the monotony we spoke of earlier.

Incentives are Perfect in the Summer

Companies that offer incentives to their employees typically do so during the summer months. This helps employees remain focused on the task at hand. When employees know they can earn a gift card, concert tickets or sporting event tickets by achieving certain benchmarks, they will surely improve their productivity and work as hard as possible to get the job done.

Be Flexible with the Dress Code

Relaxing the dress code for employees during the summer months can be a major benefit. Working in the heat can be unbearable, so if your company can afford it, loosening the dress code can be done. Employees who are more comfortable in the summer months will be productive and focused on what they have to accomplish. Just make sure that the employees do not take advantage of the loose dress code or you will have to end this.

Always Set an Example

Whether you are a supervisor or a regular employee, you need to set an example for the others around you. This means that you still need to come to work on-time, refrain from taking a ton of sick days and finish your work on-time all throughout the summer months.

If you use the above tips, your summertime work experience will be pleasant. In fact, you may do so well that when it comes time for a promotion, your boss will immediately think of all the hard work you put in while your co-workers were slackers.

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