Are You a Leader – or Just a Boss?

What are the attributes that makes someone a leader rather than just a boss? Commonly a true leader is considered to be someone who leads by example, who’s willing to pitch in and do the work rather than commanding from the sidelines.

But is there more to it than that?

How do you handle employee development? (Please don’t say, “What’s that?) Do you know what the long term goals of your team members are? Part of leading is knowing where your people want to go, helping them align their goals with the company goals and providing the tools that allow them to get there.

How do you give feedback to your employees? A good leader provides ongoing feedback – good and bad. Good so that they know that they are appreciated and bad so that they can course-correct early, before the problem gets out of hand. Someone who is just a boss is more likely to wait until the formal review process and blindside his subordinate with a negative review.

Does your team understand company goals? Working toward a common objective can bring a team closer together and breed loyalty. Discuss how an assignment fits into an overall business strategy and try to get buy-in from your people. They will appreciate being thought of as collaborators rather than drones.

Do your people have the tools they need to succeed? Don’t expect people to get by with antiquated equipment. Stay up-to-date on technologies and offer training to help them do their jobs better. Be sure they know who they can use as resources in other departments who can help them get things done.

Are you the coach or the quarterback? Coaches are great. They come up with strategies and cheer you on from the sidelines. But the quarterback is at the center of the action – making changes on the fly when he needs to, and most importantly, taking responsibility for the success of the team.

So what do you think? Are you a boss or a coach? Professional Staffing Group can help you to develop strategies to become a stronger leader. We are also experts at helping you find new people for your team. If you need recruiting services in Jackson, MS, contact us to get started today!