How Many Interviews Is Too Many?

How is your interviewing process going? Is it starting to become too focused on the interview and not the candidates?

While it’s true that finding the right candidate for your organization can be difficult — it should not take more than three interviews per candidate to get the job done. Why does the number three stand out in this situation? Well, for some, a fourth interview sends the message that your company has a broken hiring process. It shows that the company has difficulty making decisions not only when it comes to hiring personnel, but with all other decisions inside the company’s operations.

Before you schedule yet another round of interviews, make sure you have a better way of determining what you are actually looking for in each candidate to streamline this process. Here’s more insight about multiple interviews to consider.

The Typical Interview Process

For the most part, most interviews with candidates should not go above the three-interview limit. Any interviews above a third round will send the wrong messages to your candidates, which will then frustrate them and could send them running for the hills — spreading bad news about your company. The typical interview process should look like the following:

  • First Round: Use this for pre-employment screening. This can be a phone interview that lasts no longer than 15 or 20 minutes.
  • Second Round: This is a face-to-face interview at the company’s headquarters or a predetermined location. It should involve the hiring manager and possibly the department manager that will oversee the position.
  • Third Round: If this round is necessary, it could be used to have the candidate take a test for the position or to meet other executives who need to sign-off on hiring the candidate for the open position.

If the position you are hiring for requires the candidate to meet multiple people, make sure you schedule the interviews in one day, especially the first and second rounds. This means that your candidate will be on your property for at least a couple of hours. Make sure they know this ahead of time so they can plan accordingly.

Negatives of Too Many Interviews

When a round of interviews climbs above the third level, there are plenty of negatives that can cause candidates to become frustrated. These negatives include candidates being asked the same questions several times, meeting the same managers many times, receiving multiple tours of the facility and getting a sense of exaggeration. Many candidates might feel that they are being run around in circles if they have to sit through more than three interviews for a position.

The bottom line here is that companies should limit their interview rounds to three. If three cannot get the job done, then no more than four interviews should occur.

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