Summer Fun in the Office

Companies that experience the most success have employees who stay engaged throughout the year — including the summertime. Although this can be difficult to maintain during the summer months; when barbeques, pools, the beach and vacations are calling, it’s certainly possible with the right planning.

Some employees will tend to “checkout” of their work a day or two in advance of an upcoming summer vacation. They may find it easier to come to work late, or skip out on work tasks to pursue other priorities.

Do not let these production-busting behaviors affect your company. Instead, employ some of the tips outlined in this article to keep your employees focused on organizational goals over the summer — and allow some fun to become part of the work culture.

Create an Incentive Program

Your first option is to build an incentive program for the summer months. You can purchase tickets to some of the hottest events scheduled for the summer months such as concerts, games, fairs and other entertainment. Let your employees know what tickets you have, and how they can win them. Put together a point system or reward the tickets to employees who go above and beyond their job responsibilities to complete a project.

Go to a Game

Baseball is America’s favorite pastime, so why not take your employees to a game one afternoon? It can be a Minor League game or a family game night held at a local ballpark. Many teams have promotions throughout their seasons known as “Business Persons’ Specials” or “Business Day Specials.” Groups can typically receive a discount to these games, so take your employees out of the office for a day and bond with them away from work.

Lottery Lunch

A lottery lunch is another great idea. You can buy gift certificates to some of the hottest restaurants around town and hand them out to employees who earn them. The catch here is that the employees can take a half-day to use the certificates at those restaurants. Base the incentives closely on fun themes, but relate them to performance goals on the job.

The Company Picnic

One of the most popular summer events to avoid disengagement is the company picnic. These can be held on company grounds, if they are spacious, or somewhere that puts nature on display. Make sure the food is excellent, the employees can bring their families, and there are plenty of games and contests during the picnic for everyone to enjoy.

Give Flexible Time Off

A lot of companies do not like to hear this suggestion, but it can work for them in the end. Employees who have extra time away from work will be able to perform better when they return and will be refreshed enough to focus on the task at hand. These employees will also be happier and more productive. Flextime can loosen up schedules some to allow employees to get out more during the longer daylight hours too.

Just because it is summer, it does not mean that you have to keep your employees locked in the office with no hope of leaving. Come up with some fun things to do as a company, a department or an individual that allows them to relieve some stress and then focus on their work upon returning.

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