Job Seeker Success: Make a Lasting Impression

It has been said, “Make a lasting impression, not just a good one”, when it comes to job interviewing. For the job seeker, this can be challenging for a number of reasons. Hiring managers and recruiters deal with an unbelievable amount of candidates. For every new job opening, literally hundreds of resumes come flooding in. By the time you are asked in for an interview, the average recruitment professional has probably looked over around 1,000 or more resumes and plenty of social media profiles of candidates just that week alone.

Standing Out to Make a Lasting Impression

First off, the very fact that you’ve been asked to come in for an interview is a great sign. Now it’s up to you to make a lasting impression so they don’t forget you the very moment you walk back out the door.  How can you stand out from others in the interview and help the recruiter recall you when the time comes to set up second interviews or make a job offer?

Present an Amazing Resume and Cover Letter

Make a great impression that will last with the recruiter by developing an outstanding resume and cover letter. Use a professional template, but make sure it’s aesthetically appealing too. Uses white space to surround important facts about yourself, bullet lists to highlight your best achievements, and a good tone to your writing that makes you stand out.

Develop a Memorable Social Profile

Create a branded presence as a job seeker that will help the recruiter remember you. Use a professional headshot photo on a LinkedIn or Facebook profile. Include your top skills and achievements here. Connect with the thought leaders in your industry, and become part of groups online. Add knowledgeable content and engage with others on your social networks, including the person you interview with.

Be Professional and Personable

From the moment you walk into the interviewing room, the recruiter is making an impression of you. Give this effort all you can by dressing professionally, with impeccable grooming and professionalism. Hand the recruiter your business contact card, shake their hand and use good eye contact when you meet them. Speak clearly, concisely, and confidently in your interview. Leave with a sincere ‘thank you’ for their time.

Use Timely Follow Up with the Recruiter

Once you’ve had the interview, don’t stop there. Immediately afterwards, pick up a professional note card and write a nice thank you note to the recruiter. Drop it in the mail the same day. Then, about 24 hours later – send a thank you email and express how pleasant it was to meet with them and how you look forward to the next steps in the hiring process. Once a week, send a follow up email to the recruiter to stay on their radar.

By using the above tips, you can help to stand out in a positive, yet tactful, way with the recruiter to avoid getting lost in a sea of other candidates. Be patient, but persistent.

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