How to Make Your Resume Error Proof

Writing a resume takes a lot of time and effort – and for good reason. The resume is the first thing recruiters see. Therefore, a poorly written resume makes you look bad. To get the right kind of attention from hiring companies, the fact is that you need to be absolutely perfect with your resume.

The scary fact is that even the best writers might not be able to find small spelling and grammatical mistakes. Built-in spell check tools in word processing software might not catch some minor mistakes. For instance, you might be saying that you worked as a manager, but you type ‘manger.’ This will not be caught because manger is a correctly spelled word.

You should have your resume looked over by another set of eyes prior to submitting it for a job. We have some tips in this post that will make sure your resume is free of errors.

Play Mental Games

One way to proof your resume is to play some minor mental games with yourself. This includes reading the sentences forwards and backwards to check for misspellings and grammar mistakes.

  • Change the background color of the processor page from white to another color.
  • Increase the screen size so the characters are enlarged. Making the page larger might help you notice some mistakes.
  • Read all the pages of the resume in reverse order. When words are out of sequence or context, they tend to appear more often.
  • Use the thesaurus and spell checker provided by MS Word when proofing your resume, not just the spell check feature.
  • Always read your resume out loud to yourself or others. Hearing the written content helps people notice their mistakes.

Use Outside Sites

When writing a resume, be sure to use outside websites to help proof the resume. Some of the most popular spell check sites out there include and is an excellent resource for resume proofing. This site lets you check spelling, grammar and even use its thesaurus.

Hire a Proofreader

If you do not trust yourself or any of your friends or family, you can also hire a proofreader. This can be a colleague who is known for their keen eye or working with a professional from a resume writing company. A proofreader will take his or her time to look over your resume and edit it for you. The proofreader will also make sure that all of your dates align and you are not missing any pertinent information in the resume that you sent them in your profile.

What to Avoid

When proofreading a resume, make sure that you do not do it while tired. You will not be sharp enough to find any mistakes because your brain is shutting down for the night.
Do not proof it immediately after writing it. Walk away from the resume for a couple of minutes to refresh your brain. By doing so, you will find it easier to pinpoint mistakes made in the content.

If you are looking for additional resume tips, or if you are looking to find a great job opportunity in Jackson, contact the recruiting professionals at Professional Staffing Group today! We would love the opportunity to help you find a great job and succeed in your career.