Six Employee Recognition Tips for Better Performance

It is always a good idea for a company to have some sort of employee recognition program in place to reward workers who meet and exceed their performance goals. These types of programs can range from payroll bonuses and extra vacation days to celebrations and awards. There are also some recognition items that should be kept out of programs.

We will discuss everything in this post so that your organization can choose the best employee recognition program to meet important goals.

Tip # 1 All Employees are Eligible

One of the most important things a company must understand is that all the employees working for the company must be eligible for the recognition program. This makes everyone feel welcome and equal to each other. When employees know that their work will be rewarded, they will do all they can to perform at the top of their game or higher.

Tip #2 Outline What is Recognized

Your company needs to outline or describe what type of behavior is recognized or awarded in the office. When you spell out what is recognized, it makes it easier for employers and employees to set their sights on the rewards. When you outline what is expected of the employees, it makes it easier to validate things when people are not recognized due to a lack of performance or results.

Tip #3 Recognize Employees Close to Performance

When it comes time to recognize employees for their performance, make sure the recognition comes as close to their performance as possible. It lets them know how much you appreciate their effort and that it was noticed immediately. When an employee knows he or she is due a recognition, but it comes weeks or months late, it can cause problems with morale in the company.

Tip #4 Avoid ‘Employee of the Month’ Awards

Companies that use employee of the month awards usually have issues with morale. The reason for this is that many employees will see this as favoritism, which will hurt the morale. Try to avoid programs that require individuals to be chosen by managers or supervisors for recognition because it can turn into a sentiment of, ‘it is your turn to be honored this week.’

Tip #5 Provide Random Recognition

Random recognition not only takes employees by surprise, but also helps to increase the morale of the employees. Employees who are surprised every so often with recognition will be more inclined to perform at their top level than those who receive recognition on a regular basis.

Tip #6 Avoid Programs that Employees Can Personalize

Do not use a recognition program that requires employees to vote for their co-workers when it comes to awards. This will lead to campaigning for votes and create friction among co-workers. You do not want these programs to become popularity contests among the employees. A program such as this would kill morale instantly.

By using the above tips, it should be possible to design an employee recognition program that meets the needs of your staff performance goals. Keep it simple and attainable whenever possible, linking performance metrics to the incentives you offer. For additional ideas on how to recognize your employees and retain top talent, contact our team today!