Workaholics: A Quick Way to Increase Turnover

Hearing the term “workaholic” tends to conjure up images of an individual who always stays long hours, does the extra work to get things done, and focuses on work all the time. While this kind of person may sound like the ideal employee, the truth is that you could be setting your business up for failure if you hire someone like this.

Understanding Workaholism

Workaholics are a class of employees who can contribute to high levels of burn-out, poor productivity, and turnover rates in the workplace. It’s become such a problem in many companies that there is now a National Workaholics Day! Why has workaholism become a problem in the business world?

In “Research Companion to Work Time and Working Addiction” by Ronald J. Burke, a panel of researchers complied data about the prevalence of workaholism and trends that have led to an increase in overworking. Factors such as more dual-earning households, higher educated employees valuing additional work hours, and more adults working longer hours than at any other time in history. Being a workaholic has become the norm in some industries, and is often part of company cultures.

Signs of Workaholics

As an employer, it is not beneficial to have a team made up of stressed out employees who are working too many hours and generally dissatisfied at work. One of the first signs of workaholism is a higher than normal turnover rate combined with high numbers of employees being absent or late to work. These problems are associated with being overwhelmed and not having good work life balance.

Stop Workaholics in their Tracks

The good news is that your company can change the negative effects of this phenomenon. First, while it is ok to encourage employees to work hard, it’s also important to provide resources so that they can achieve more without going overboard.

Instead of expecting employees to work overtime on a regular basis, allocate some tasks to temporary workers that you can bring in for big projects. Encourage loyalty to the company, but also communicate that your company values quality of work rather than quantity. Give employees a chance to celebrate their achievements. Offer on-site wellness services such as massage therapy and outlets for reducing stress. Above all else, identify your workaholics and teach them to manage their time better. Make time management and balance a part of your corporate value system.

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