Can Your Interview Be a Two Way Street?

When searching for a job, oftentimes a big piece of the puzzle is finding an employer that fits your work style and career goals. However, this can be a tough thing to consider when you have limited time in the interview to learn more about a company. One way to discover if a company may be a good fit for you starts with the person interviewing you. This is especially true if the interviewer happens to be the person you may be working for soon.

How can you spot the signs that the interviewer fits the bill? Ask questions.

As a job seeker, it’s up to you to have a few questions prepared to ask during the interview. A job interview should be a two-way street; not a one-sided conversion. This means you will want to develop a couple of questions that can help you dig a little deeper into the company and the person you are interviewing with. Learn more now can help you to land a job that can take you to the next level.

What Interview Questions Should I Ask?

While you are likely to encounter a bunch of interview questions that help the hiring manager determine your suitability for the job, you also need a few of your own. Here are some you can try.

  • What is the company focused on for the coming year?
  • How does this particular job fit into these objectives?
  • What kind of work style seems to do well in this position?
  • Is this a new assignment or would I be replacing someone?
  • Can you share what will make me most successful here?

All of these questions probe deeper into the reason that the company is hiring someone, along with expectations for whomever is chosen for the job at hand. It also helps to indicate what the interviewer is looking for in a successful employee, and if you will be able to set up new systems for doing the job (or if there is a system in place you must conform to).

Traits to Look for in the Interviewer

At the same time, while asking these questions look for signs that the interviewing person has the traits you are looking for in a potential supervisor. The way that the questions are answered often indicate how open the person is able to communicate needs and expectations. If there is hesitation, this could indicate the company is going through a transition of some kind. If the interviewer gets annoyed with your questions or uses poor eye contact, it could be a sign that they do not value new ideas generated from employees.

To best prepare yourself for a new assignment, it’s preferable to get the scoop on the company from the temporary staffing representative. This insight can help you determine if the company is going to be a good fit, a factor that can lead to a much more positive experience.

The interview is just one facet that employers and recruiters consider when hiring a candidate. To ensure that you are putting the best foot forward on all hiring and vetting elements, work with a recruiting firm who will be able to provide valuable insight into your job search and interviewing prowess. For help finding a great job in Jackson, contact the recruiting team at Professional Staffing Group today!