Workplace Policies You Didn’t Know You Needed

Working in a human resources department can be very stressful, but also highly rewarding. You have so many policies to enforce for the entire workplace – with employment laws and other rules to follow each day. Making sure that your company is complying with government regulations is a large task to undertake. That is why so many human resource departments have more than one employee.

Some companies don’t realize they are in need of additional written workplace policies. We discuss a couple of the workplace policies you may not know you needed (until now).


Confidentiality is very important for companies. Your employees should not be allowed to discuss company secrets and operation details with employees of other companies. All operations should be kept confidential. The same can be said for employee information and client information. Employees should not share client information with any other companies or competitors. Violating such a policy should be cause for termination.

Social Media

Having a concrete social media policy in place can help prevent issues with various sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Such a policy will make it known that employees should not be spending their time at work browsing these sites. Instead, they should be focused on their projects in order to meet deadlines. You could even setup blocks on the Internet that prevent employees from visiting these sites. The policy should also state that employees cannot discuss company details on the sites.


An employee compensation policy should be in effect at all companies. This will detail how wages are handled for all employees at all levels. This policy will explain how wages are taken care of for employees, including annual reviews and raises. If limits are placed on raises for certain positions, this should be outlined in the policy. Making this a written workplace policy helps to reduce disparities in pay levels – an issue that is gaining more attention as pay equality is in the spotlight.


Not many companies have policies that discuss retaliation at work, but you should consider enacting one at your company. Human resource departments tend to enforce retaliation issues, but a policy dealing with it will be able to squelch all issues that arise at your company. Retaliation policies should cover whistleblower cases and any other reasons why retaliation would occur at your office.

Data Protection

Your company should protect its data as much as possible. This includes having a policy in place that employees must follow. Employees should have their computer password protected in the event that it is stolen from the office. All data kept on servers at the company should be encrypted and protected with passwords as well. The stronger your data protection policy is, the better your employees will be protected and the data from your company will be protected.

When you put all five of these policies into action at your company, your employees and your clients will be safer in various aspects of business.

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