Does a Company’s Reputation Matter in Your Job Search?

As you are applying for jobs online, have you ever considered that a company’s reputation speaks volumes in the targeted industry? Any company has a particular brand that is developed over many years of being in operation. When evaluating if a company is suitable for your employment, you should also consider how well a company has branded itself and what the company culture looks like. You will also want to know more about the reputation of the company in the industry.

These are all important factors to know as a job seeker because your future career aspiration depends on the experience that you will have while employed there. A company with a good reputation can mean opportunities to develop an equally reputable career. A poor company reputation means you could face issues with gaining momentum on your career path, or in landing jobs in the future.

Here are some ways that you can determine if a company is reputable before you accept an interview or a position with a new company.

General Review Sites for Companies

Thanks to the open sharing of information on the Internet, there are a wide number of company review sites published. Search through business review sites like Yelp to gain insight about companies before you choose to apply there. If there are poor or negative reviews, this could be a sign of trouble for employees.

Client Business Review Websites

Another source of candid reviews for companies is by customers of businesses. While these may not be directly related to employment, the way that clients rate companies can have an effect on their overall reputation. How a company treats clients can also reflect on how much they value their employees.

Company Reviews by Employees

Employees and former employees also often rate companies they’ve worked for. On websites like Glassdoor, for example, employees evaluate the workplaces based on criteria like compensation, work environment, and opportunities for career advancement. Read them carefully, and compare this information to other sources.

Better Business Bureau Ratings

If you have the time, also check with the U.S. Better Business Bureau, which provides a letter-grade rating of the companies that are registered with this agency. A rating can help you determine if a company has a good reputation with customers and if they are in good standing. Sometimes, companies are subject to an investigation pending further action, and you can find out about this here.

Social Network Feedback

To help determine if a company has a good reputation online, you can also check out their social media interactions and networks they are a part of. On LinkedIn and Facebook, companies can create business profiles. See if they are connecting to industry groups, responding to client and candidate questions, and sharing valuable content. Look at recent posts and try to understand their tone. A company that cares about their reputation will make an effort to boost their social media presence.

Use these steps to uncover the reputation of any company before you select them for your next career journey. Remember that a company’s reputation is everything and it means the most in terms of your career growth.

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