Five Interview Questions You Need to Ask to Gauge Cultural Fit

Sometimes we only get a glimpse of a candidate during the brief interview process. However, this is a very important aspect of any job interview because it can determine whether or not the candidate is suitable for the available position.

To assist you with making good hiring decisions, we have come up with five interview questions that you absolutely must ask a candidate to gauge if they fit the culture of your company, or not.

Question #1: What Work Environment are You Most Comfortable In?

As an interviewer, this question can be asked right off the bat even with four remaining on our list. The reason you want to ask this question first is to get an overall feel for the candidate. He or she should be able to provide you with an answer that can help you determine if the interview should continue any further. If you like the answer, you can move forward with the rest of the questions.

Question #2: Describe the Characteristics of the Best Boss you Have Ever Had

This can be asked in two ways: have the candidate describe their best boss or the best boss they wish they had during their career. This can help you figure out if the candidate is a fit for your corporate culture. If they like a boss who rarely shows their face, does not interact with the team, and does not provide feedback on projects, then they might not be a fit at your company.

Question #3: Do You Have a Best Friend or Trusted Colleague in the Office?

This question will help you get a feel for how the candidate interacts with co-workers while on the job. Do they spend too much time chatting with co-workers and shooting emails back and forth? Or do they interact appropriately, but still complete their work on-time? You might also want to ask the candidate if they feel this is a good practice to employ at work as a sub-question.

Question #4: What is the Most Important Factor That Needs to be Present for Your Success/Happiness?

This is another question that can help you determine if a candidate fits the corporate culture of your office pretty easily. Depending on how they answer, you will be able to figure out if they are right for the job or not. If they answer with needing a completely quiet workspace without interruptions, then they probably will not fit. No workplace can be completely free of noise and interruptions.

Question #5: What is Your Favorite or Preferred Work Style?

This question determines if the candidate prefers to work solo, as part of a team, or a part of a duo. Everyone will have different preferences, but the candidate who fits your culture will answer without having to think about what he or she wants to say. A candidate who takes too long to answer this question is thinking about how he or she should answer best.

By asking the right questions in a job interview, you will be able to identify which candidate will be the best fit for the position and culture of your company. If you need assistance hiring great talent, contact the recruiting team and Professional Staffing Group today!