Is it Time for a Career Move? Three Signs it is Time to Move On

It happens in every working person’s life at some point or another. For no apparent reason at all, an individual may get the feeling that things need to change in terms of their career. This may go on for months or even years before the individual takes action to make a career change. However, it’s inevitable that some people outgrow or out-qualify their careers and need to move in a new direction in order to stay valuable in their field.

Three Signs That You Need a Better Career

How can you know if now is the right time for a career change? Do you know the signs that it’s time to move on to something greater in your own career? To help you answer these questions and take the proper steps, here are 3 big signs that it’s time to re-evaluate your career direction.

#1 – Do you begrudgingly to your job every day?

While many people look forward to participating in their careers daily, there is also a time when it becomes harder and harder to even go to work anymore. If your job has become a sense of stress and negativity in your life, perhaps it’s time you start examining this more closely. On one hand, you may be just getting tired of the office politics and feel overwhelmed by the numerous responsibilities there. On the other, you may be completely bored with your current job and tasks. Either way, it’s time to talk with your manager about ways you can get more from your job through work training and advancement opportunities.

#2 – Have you reached your career glass ceiling?

If, after a talk with your manager you have not come to a satisfactory plan of action, it may be because you’ve reached the top of your field at your present occupation. Or you could have outdated skills that could use a boost. This could be a sign that you either need to start looking for a new job at a company that supports your long term career goals and earnings, or that you need to start taking the steps to get trained in a new area. A temp agency can help you connect with companies looking for people with your skills and may be able to place you in an assignment that pays better and offers more career advancement.

#3 – Is there trouble brewing at the company you work for?

Another sign that it’s time to move on is when the company is experiencing financial or management problems that are ongoing. You may find that your team has shrunk due to layoffs from lack of projects, or that the company is in a period of restructuring. If this is the case, don’t get caught hanging in there until they shut their doors. Instead, explore other jobs at your local staffing agency and in your industry. Stay on top of what’s happening in your field and what’s trending, because you may be better off tapping into some of your other skills to land work in a growing company that appreciates you.

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