Four Inexpensive Perks to Attract Top Talent

The top workplaces around the globe tend to attract and retain the best employees. Companies that value their employees tend to focus on providing a work environment that is focused on helping them be their best. Oftentimes, this is a concerted effort by the human resource management team to give employees something to look forward to each day at work. Certain perks can be added to the corporate compensation and benefit strategy to accomplish this.

Attracting top talent is a matter of offering something above and beyond what the competition provides to employees. Regardless of what you may believe, this doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Learn four low cost perks can add value to your company offerings and bring in better candidates.

#1 – Flexible Work Opportunities

One of the top perks that employees are looking for today include the option to have a flexible work option, which allows all to experience more work life balance. A recent workforce study indicated that nearly 75 percent of American adults surveyed said that flexibility is a critical factor when considering a new job. Almost, 40 percent said they either would consider leaving or have left a job that did not offer flexibility.

#2 – Choices in Benefits

With the confusion over selecting healthcare plans under the Affordable Care Act, many working adults in the USA have run into problems concerning their benefits. It’s not surprising that former health care insurance plans have either stopped offering additional benefits like dental, vision, and life coverage due to the rising costs of administering plans. Therefore, a company that can offer more than just standard options in health and financial benefits to employees will look more attractive to candidates. Supplemental plans are very low cost and can be funded by employees.

#3 – Career Development

Candidates today are looking for more than just a paycheck. They are seeking long-term career growth and upward mobility. Adding mentoring can be one way to improve the career development of all employees without increasing costs. Encouraging employees to become involved in the industry through association memberships can also be a way to give something back to the market and to employees. Giving employees the chance to be part of the overall community through volunteer and service initiatives is good for the business and for the career experience.

#4 – Educational Support

There are a good number of quality candidates who are looking for ways to improve their knowledge and skills, while earning a living. Some are displaced adults who are eager to work hard for your company in exchange for educational support. This can be accomplished easily by setting up online learning and in-house instruction so that they can earn industry certifications. For those who choose to head back to college, providing tuition reimbursement is a good return on your investment in your human resources.

Use the above perks to add more value to your employment benefit programs, while maintaining costs. These factors can be used to leverage better recruitment, while gaining a more skilled workforce that will improve organizational productivity and revenues.

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