Start the YEAR on a Good Note: Top Blogs of 2013 You Should Read

Happy New Year! Now that you have started to act on your new year’s resolutions, take a look at the great tips that Professional Staffing Group provided for you in 2013.

Job Seeker Tips:

The road to finding a new job can be a bumpy one, but PSG is with you every step of the way. Here are a few of the most popular topics we covered this year to help job seekers ramp up their search.

Looking for a Job – The job hunting landscape is full of landmines. Here we give you a few pointers to keep you on the path to a rewarding job: Job Hunting Mistakes that Can Doom You To Long-Term Unemployment.

Acing the Interview – The in-person interview is a great opportunity for an extrovert to toot his own horn. But how can you shine when you’re a bit more reserved? We’ll show you here:  Reserved Personality? How to Show Enthusiasm in a Job Interview.

Handling Curveball Questions – It’s hard enough to formulate solid answers to the interview answers you are prepared for. What do you do when your interviewer throws you a curveball? “Why Shouldn’t We Hire You?” How to Answer Trick Interview Questions.

Employer Topics

Employers may have the upper hand in creating job descriptions, deciding who to interview and who gets hired, but It’s still tough to be on your side of the desk. Here are a few pointers from this year’s highlight reel.

Dealing with a Good Hire Gone Wrong – Sometimes even the most comprehensive hiring process can’t prevent a bad hire. How do you know if it’s time to cut your losses or if the relationship is worth salvaging? Wondering What Happened? How a Good hire Turned into a Bad One.

Understanding the Affordable Care Act – The Affordable Care Act brought big changes for benefits administration in 2013, with more to come in the next year and beyond. How can you comply with the changes and still remain profitable and efficient? The Affordable Care Act – What Does it Mean for Business?

Avoiding Interviewing Errors – While the “house” has the advantage, you still have to play your hand well. Make sure that you’re not missing out on top candidates – or missing clues that could indicate a bad hire – by brushing up on your technique. Are Your Interviewing Mistakes Sabotaging Your Hiring Process?

Have ideas for topics you’d like us to cover in 2014? Shoot us an email or give us a call. If you are looking for a new job or some great temporary help,  Professional  Staffing Group is the team to contact in Jackson. We’ve been connecting job seekers and employers in the Jackson, Mississippi area since 1993.