New Fondren After 5 February – Call to Artists

HERE’S the WORD from Fondren Renaissance Foundation – LINK for APP is below:

We are excited to bring you a brand new Fondren After 5, always first Thursdays in Fondren. After experiencing a lull in recent months, several businesses here have teamed up to revamp what will soon be a mega-platform of foot-traffic for all artisans, designers, crafters, dreamers, doers and thinkers, as well as great organizations to set up and sell or display.

There is a vetting process and all participants will need to be approved by Fondren Renaissance. You are being sent this email because we hope you will consider being a part of these events.

Fondren After 5Simply fill out the form attached and send back to us. Upon approval, you will be asked to provide a one-time annual vendor fee for Fondren After 5 of $10.
Remit this payment to the Fondren Renaissance office (suite 101 on the first floor of Fondren Corner) or to SWELL-O-PHONIC / Wilåi.

Once approved, we will ask that you register with us each time so that we can best assign spaces, though you won’t need to pay a fee going forward for Fondren After 5 (additional fees will apply for other Fondren events and you must obtain written permission to set up for these.) This process will help us to offer a better selection of vendors at this event versus allowing re-sellers to set up as in the past. Spaces are available inside and in front of Fondren Corner as well as in the lobby of Rainbow Plaza at present.

We will be generating a grassroots advertising campaign with color posters throughout Fondren and the Jackson area that will also feature highlighted events that will take place during each month’s event. We will also be spreading the word through print advertising, social media and multiple broadcast emails from several different sources. Every month will bring a new variety of activity and increased foot-traffic. Simply put, this event will become a mega platform for all to showcase their talents and organizations.

We look forward to seeing you there.
Application: ( fa5-application-FINAL)