A fun visit with a successful long-term temp – PSG Associate Gwen Long

Dirty Hippy Soap

Gwen Long, a ProStaff Group temp since February 2004 works at Baker Donelson as a paralegal.  Although she has been asked several times to become a full-time Baker employee and although she rarely works fewer than 40 hours a week, Gwen likes the flexibility of being a temp.

The legal office landscape for secretaries and paralegals is less structured than it was when Gwen first started work as a full time legal secretary in terms of  hours, dress, or being tied to a desk.  That inflexible structure was the original reason Gwen decided to start doing temp work. Even though the idea of “clocking in and out” has loosened somewhat in most firms, Gwen still feels that being a temp gives her more flexibility than being a full-time employee. She feels that she is in control of her career.  Gwen considers her paralegal work to be very rewarding, especially in light of the cases she works on and her work ethic and attention to detail means that she is valued by the team she has worked with for the past almost 10 years. (She says she has the best team imaginable).  Because she acts like she is a full-time employee, ie., making sure she meets the billable hours and training required of other paralegals, and because she’s been at this particular job for so long, most Baker employees don’t realize she’s not one herself.

Dirty Hippy SoapAnother reason Gwen chose to become a temporary paralegal with ProStaff Group is that she is also owner of Dirty Hippie Soaps.  Dirty Hippie Soaps exhibits at wholesale gift shows and some upscale retail shows, like Junior League of Jackson’s Mistletoe Marketplace.   Because she is a valued member of  her Baker Team, they work around schedules and accommodate the time she will be away from the office.  Preparation for these shows is also hard so the flexibility Gwen has a temp (and as a temp at Baker) makes this preparation less stressful;  she can work longer one day to get paralegal tasks done and take off earlier the next to work on Hippie.  Being a temp with ProStaff Group allows Gwen the best of both worlds.

“I had the honor of participating in Mistletoe Marketplace this past weekend with Gwen” states PSG Co-Owner Elizabeth Robinson. “Her professionalism is obvious in both her paralegal work and her approach to fun handmade products.”  Visit Gwen’s website for the perfect handmade soaps!

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