Using Temporary Staff to Meet Your Company’s Next Profit Goals

Do you think of temporary staff only as a necessary but expensive way to fill the gap when one of your regular employees gets sick or takes a leave? If you do, then you may be missing out on a smart strategy for driving profits—without increasing overhead.

Skilled, well-chosen temporary staff can help you meet a wide range of goals. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things temporary employees can do for you:

Help manage variable work load. You need to be ready for periods of high demand, but seasonal variations, an uncertain economy and other factors can all cause broad fluctuations. If the need for your product or services rises and falls, then keeping a full staff at the ready means you are wasting money during periods of low demand. Keep your staff lean, and use temporary help to meet demand during busy seasons.

Bring in targeted skill sets for short-term projects. If you are experimenting with something new, why divert your regular staff or invest in training when you could hire temporary staff who are already prepared with just the right skills? Today’s temporary employees are not only secretaries; they are also managers, accountants, marketing specialists, IT experts, data analysts and much, much more. If the project turns out to be something you want to continue, then you can choose to hire—or have your regular staff learn from the temporary workers.

Relieve regular staff of burdensome clerical work. Sometimes you need temporary help simply to reduce burnout and allow your long-term staff to focus on the things they do best. Piles of data entry? A big mailing? File clean-up? Temporary staff can help you get it done quickly without placing undue stress (or boredom!) on your valued long-term employees.

Save money. When you consider the costs of recruiting, training and all benefits—not to mention the difficulty of reducing your staff when it is called for, temporary staffing is not nearly as expensive as it looks. In fact, using temporary employees can really keep your costs down and increase efficiency. Just keep in mind that the savings diminish after six months; at that point you might want to look at a more permanent hire.

When you are ready to get strategic about your staffing, talk to us about how short-term staff solutions can help you meet your profit goals. As the leading recruiting firm in Jackson, we’ll help you find the right people to meet your temporary staffing needs.