Does Your Company’s Social Media PResence Scare Great Candidate’s Away?

Social media. It’s the place to be, right? If you’re not tweeting, pinning, vine-ing and, yes, facebooking, you’re missing out. Social media offers many ways to promote your brand, and it’s essentially free.

We’re all running as fast as we can to learn and master each new platform, and figure out how to turn it to our advantage. There just aren’t enough days in the week.

And of course, since social media takes your messaging straight to the public without intermediaries, it offers you new opportunities to reach job seekers and potential hires before they sign on with the competition.

But there’s danger there as well. The participatory environment of social media allows anybody with a smartphone and a Twitter account to start messing with your brand image. #mcdstories, anyone? Nothing could be worse than becoming one of next year’s  “10 biggest social media fail” stories.

And even if you don’t fall victim to a social media disaster, your own staff can create confusion and dilute your message and your brand identity if social media use is undisciplined and lacking in strategy.

This, of course, is not good for recruitment. Your brand is every bit as important as your benefits in attracting the best people. Every new platform you adopt must support the overall goal of telling the world clearly and succinctly who you are, and how awesome you are.

Is your social media strategy helping – or hurting?

Smart HR managers make sure they have a seat at the table when their company is devising a social media strategy. You need to be sure that the face your company puts out there on social media is consistent, positive, and always on message. And it can’t hurt to include posts about the corporate culture, company events, or other posts that paint a positive picture for a potential job seeker.

Take baby steps.

That means taking it slow; master one platform before tackling another. It means constant monitoring: Twitter, in particular, is a place where great opportunity is balanced with great risks, as anyone can establish or take over a hashtag with your corporate name. Knowing what people are saying about you, WHEN they say it, is as important as the things you say about yourself.

Finally, make sure those who are empowered to post on behalf of the company know what they are doing. Take advantage of some of the myriad social media training classes and even boot camps that are available. Training, training, training.

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