Your Hiring Strategy Misaligned with Your Goals?

A company’s employees are its highest-potential assets. In an ideal world, a company and every single one of its employees exist in a mutually beneficial relationship where the company provides the opportunity and resources for employees, who succeed and help the company grow. In the real world however, that’s never the case. Some people just don’t seem to fit, and no matter how qualified they are, the bottom line is that you’ve sunk resources into an investment that isn’t going to pay off.

But while you’re never going to completely eliminate bad hires, it’s worth evaluating whether your hiring strategy is aligned with your corporate goals.

Integrate Recruitment

Too often, the human resources department or recruiters tasked with finding new talent are treated as an adjunct. Often, a lack of investment in the recruiting process, coupled with a lack of familiarity about the company results in sacrificing recruit quality for volume. This creates a disconnect between the front-line employees most familiar with the culture and requirements of the company and the people whose job it is to bring in new talent.

A successful approach to hiring combines awareness of the true needs of the company with the level of investment required to search out those qualified candidates.

Proactive Hiring

How does your company go about adding new employees? Does it post ads and wait to be deluged with applicants of varying quality or does it aggressively seek out the right people for the job? Are you rooting through the bargain bin to cut costs, or are you investing in top talent that complements your existing employees and contributes to a competitive, successful corporate culture? Are your job descriptions based on what the reality of the job is, or are you listing qualifications based on what other people in similar-level jobs have?

Your company’s hiring must be made with its short-and long-term goals in mind, in the context of what kind of culture you’re trying to build. A person may be qualified in terms of education and experience, but they need to be compatible with your vision and fit into your blueprint.

Developing a hiring strategy properly aligned with your company’s goals will improve the quality of your new employees. Talk to us to find out about enacting a recruitment plan that really works for you.