Performance Feedback: Valuable Tool? Or a Waste of Time?

As a decision maker in a business, you need to be able to effectively communicate your feelings about how well an employee is doing, to reinforce positive behaviors and discourage negative ones. A continual system of performance feedback, when used correctly, can be a hugely important tool that can add value to your company.

Get The Right Information

You can’t offer effective feedback without being fully informed. Here are the keys to monitoring performance:

  • Take account of both the results and the process. Quantifiable objectives (sales reports, deadlines, budgets) are important for measuring an employee’s production, but they must be viewed in the context of how an employee goes about their job. When you care about the process of the work as well as the results, like the manner of how an employee approaches problems in his or her job, or the tenor of their interactions with customers and other employees, it sets the example that they should care about those things as well.
  • It’s important to obtain information from as many sources as possible. Combine your own observations with feedback from customers, vendors and peers, and have regular discussions with the employee about what objectives he or she is trying to meet, and how they’re working to meet them.

Be Specific With Feedback

Everyone likes to hear that they’ve done a good job, but being specific in your praise is more impressive and more effective. Praise that highlights the exact contributions that you’re pleased with reinforces the processes and attitudes that created those contributions, and incentivizes employees to continue making those contributions. Conversely, specific constructive criticisms come off less harsh than general disapproval, and address real problems rather than just putting down an employee.

Commit To The System

It’s important that you and your company fully embrace a culture of accountability and improvement. Keep records of feedback and objectives, and ensure that you make time for supervisors to have their discussions with employees. Incentives, whether bonuses, extra vacation days or a system of official recognition, are an effective way to encourage employees to set and meet their objectives.

Performance feedback is a vital tool for motivating and engaging your employees. Ask us how we can help you give better feedback and improve your employees’ performance. As Jackson recruiting specialists, we are experts in sourcing and retaining talent. Contact us today to learn more!