How to Find “Hidden” Talent

Every time you post a job opening, you’re undoubtedly flooded with applications from people who just aren’t qualified and/or far too inexperienced for the position. While there are times you get lucky, and strong candidates happen to be unemployed or actively looking for a job, most companies are doing their very best to retain their top talent. That doesn’t mean that those workers aren’t willing to switch employers with the right motivation, it just means they generally aren’t actively searching out and applying for a large number of opportunities.

That doesn’t mean that you won’t get them applying for positions, though. You just have to do a little better to convince them. Here’s how to unearth that “hidden” talent.

Understand What Motivates Them

Active job searchers are generally motivated by one thing: the financial security of having a job. They want to pay their bills, keep their house, and put food on their tables. A passive job searcher generally isn’t motivated like that. They already have a job, and since few listings come right out and offer huge salaries, you’re probably not going to motivate them that way.

So what does motivate passive job searchers? Here are a few things upon which your job postings could focus:

  • Prestige Positions – Everyone wants to feel important. If you can offer a position with real authority and responsibility, you may be able to tempt away an otherwise entrenched employee. Similarly, the status derived from working for a well-known industry leader can be a huge incentive.
  • Corporate Culture – These are the social factors. Nobody wants to feel stifled and constrained by their job. A work environment that offers the opportunity for creative expression and personal fulfillment while still being competitive and challenging is a huge asset, and the kind of thing at which passive job seekers might jump.
  • Lifestyle – Does your company make it easier for its employees to live their lives? Child care, health incentives, flextime, or telecommuting options are just a few things employers offer to make their employees’ lives easier. Does the position require frequent travel? This can be a bonus to many job seekers.

Attracting hidden talent by encouraging passive job seekers to reach out can land you the most qualified, coveted workers in your field, and working with a staffing expert is the best way to increase your chances of success. Talk to us today to discover how we can help you!