Informational Interviews: Why You Should Ask for One

In today’s day and age, the job hunt is an increasingly impersonal process. Thanks to the Internet and social media, introductions can be made in moment. And with a few minutes of research, a rough picture of your personal and professional life can be laid out. In this environment, someone who takes the time to add a personal, human touch can really stand out. One of the best things you do to create that personal connection is to set up an informational interview, even if a company isn’t currently hiring.

Here are some of the benefits you can reap by setting up informational interviews.

Practice (and feedback) makes perfect

The best way to find out what a company is looking for is to ask. A face-to-face meeting gives you a captive audience to probe for information. You can find out what qualities companies in your field are looking for and why they’re looking for those qualities, which let you adapt your presentation of yourself to best showcase your relevant talents.

In certain industries, these interviews are also a valuable source of feedback on your body of work, especially if you can show successful, experienced professionals your portfolio and instantly gauge their reactions. And the more interviews you do, the more relaxed and confident you’ll become, setting you up to shine when the real thing comes around.

Show them you’re serious, get your foot in the door

A few clicks online are easy to make, and just as easy to forget. But nowadays, taking time to make human contact, initiating a meeting and following through with an exchange of ideas and showing your openness to learn and grow – that’s impressive, and it can make a difference. A face-to-face meeting can show how serious you are about your work, and how committed you are to perfecting what you do. Even if the companies you talk to aren’t currently looking for new employees, you’ll already have made that positive contact, putting you firmly in pole position if there are any openings in the near future. That gives you a built-in advantage over candidates who haven’t made the same efforts.

We can help you set up informational interviews with experienced, successful professionals in your field. Talk with one of our staffing specialists today to learn how we can help you.