Five Advantages to Outsourcing Your Payroll

Staffing agencies like Professional Staffing Group can offer a full range of services, from staffing options to back office solutions, but one of the least understood options is payrolling.

Payrolling can bring a ton of benefits for employers looking to streamline their workforce.

What is Payrolling?

When an employer brings in workers for a project or other short term need, he may want to avoid taking the time and trouble to completely on-board them, provide benefits, hassle with W-2s. But unless the worker is on the payroll of a staffing firm, what’s the employer to do? 1099ing is an option, but that comes with its own risks.

Why Payrolling?

1. Save time. A payrolling staffing firm can take on administrative tasks you don’t have the bandwidth for. They can handle taxes, issue paychecks, offer benefits.

2. Save money. Payrolled employees come without the added costs of benefits and unemployment insurance making it a more cost-effective option. Payrolling also allows you to access specialized talent for short term needs without the cost of adding them to permanent payroll.

3. Avoid risk. Workers compensation is the responsibility of the employer of record.  For payrolled employees, this is the staffing firm. Payrolling your temporary staff can also help you to avoid the revolving door caused by hiring permanent employees for temporary needs–only to let them go when the work is done.

4. Reduce paperwork. Your staffing firm takes care of all of the forms that go with bringing on a new employee. They can handle new hire paperwork, government forms and a variety of other time consuming administrative functions.

5. Bring on the people you want. Whether you want to use a former employee as a contractor, bring in specialized talent for a project or use freelancers on an ongoing basis, you choose how to fill the roles and your staffing firm takes care of the rest. This can go a long way toward avoiding the appearance of misclassified 1099 workers.

To learn more about using payrolling to handle your contingent workforce, contact Professional Staffing Group. Our team helps Jackson businesses like yours staff more strategically every day, and we’d love to help you!