Happy New Year! Now make a New Year’s resolution that will find you a new job!

New Year Resolution

Happy New Year!

Now that you’ve recycled the empty bottles of champagne, cleaned the crumbs out of your couch, and finally fixed your sleep schedule after staying up past midnight on a weekday, it’s time to come up with that New Year’s resolution. But this year, instead of not learning French or signing up for a gym membership you’ll use twice and then feel guilty and resentful about, why not resolve to improve your professional situation?

Examine your situation

The most important consideration is whether or not you are happy with your current position. Decide what is most important to you in your career and then decide if those needs are being met, and look for those qualities in a new job. A few sample questions could be:

  • Am I being paid what my skills and experience could command?
  • Do I feel professionally fulfilled by the work I am doing?
  • Is my current work environment a positive one that I enjoy working in?

Examine and improve yourself

If you’ve decided to leave your job for a new one, or at least dip your toe in the job pool and see what’s available, you’ll need an honest assessment of your own abilities and their value on the job market. Asking your current employer to identify areas where you can improve is a good way to get a superior’s view of what traits are important. Rewrite your resumé. If your job requires professional certifications, make sure you’re up to date.

Have a (realistic) plan

While we’d all like to be astronauts, the painful truth is that not everyone has the required aptitude, skill set, or tolerance of dehydrated food to make that a reality. Considering what you want from a new job; what skills do the people currently employed in that job possess that you don’t? Is it realistic for you to acquire those skills? If it is, set up achievable career goals and map out a path to your dream job.

Commit to continual improvement

They say practice makes perfect. Improving your work performance so that excellence becomes habit can impress a new employer. Work on better time management, improving relations with your coworkers, your organizational skills, and your overall attitude. Find ways to acquire or hone the skills your desired job requires.

New Year ResolutionAre you ready to use the new year as an opportunity to further your career? Contact us today to find out how we can help you further your career in 2013.