Workplace Communication Tip — Week 29

How Do You See Your Boss?

“When someone has authority over us (like your boss),” says Ike
Lasater, author of Words That Work In Business, “we often hold
certain beliefs and judgments about them.”

And these judgments can certainly affect how you interact, often
having a negative affect on your productivity, and certainly your enjoyment of
work. How is your image of your boss or another authority figure impacting

To transform this enemy image back into something that contributes
to your enjoyment of work, you first need to remember that your enemy image is
just an expression of your unmet need. Instead of putting the focus on the image
itself, or the person it’s directed to, take your thoughts inward.

As you express this enemy image or judgment, what is the need of
yours that is unmet? Try moving through a list of needs gently, seeing which one
resonates the most with you. You’ll begin to feel satisfied with this part of
the process when you feel a certain resonance with your guess, often accompanied
by a marked change in your felt sense.


Mindful Practice for the Week

In the week ahead, think of one instance where using
the enemy image process might come in handy and utilize it. What was the