Stop Sinking and Swim! Using temp help to cover your staffing shortage.

staff being asleep from overwork

Good help is so hard to find, isn’t it?

While every business has times of employee turnover, replacing or adding an employee, or a even a few at once, shouldn’t have to make your business grind to a halt. Likewise, while a growing company will often have trouble bringing in the number of new hires it needs to work at maximum capacity, you don’t need to let this prevent the business from maximizing its potential.overworked employees cartoon

If you find yourself unable to add enough permanent staff to do everything you want to, why not bring in some temporary help to make up the numbers and keep your eye on what’s important? There are many reasons why your business should consider hiring temporary staff:

  • Seasonal demand – Many businesses have needs that change with a yearly cycle. An accountant, for instance, will be more in demand in March than in July. Adding temporary staff maintains your staffing flexibility without holding back your business’s potential. Working with an agency ensures your access to quality talent when demand is high.
  • Assured specialization for less – Temporary staffing is not just about raw employees with basic skills. Many businesses are learning to cut costs by contracting highly qualified specialists like lawyers on an as-needed basis for specific projects, rather than the expense of a full-time legal team. The requirements of a business in Jackson aren’t going to be the same as a business in New York City, so why hire like there’s no difference?
  • No-risk evaluation – In many cases, both temporary employees and employers enter their temporary employment situation with an eye on making the relationship permanent. Hiring a temp worker gives you an opportunity to “try before you buy,” and see a potential employee in action. If the temp isn’t perfect, they can still cover the position while you take your time searching for someone who is, and in the unlikely event of a worst-case scenario, and you end up with a temp who just doesn’t fit, it’s a no-hassle termination with an immediate pool of replacements.
  • Rapid expansion – Taking off in a big way? Combing through piles of applicants, conducting interviews, and assessing new hires take time away from the crucial work of growing your business. By working with an agency that handles temporary staff, you can add proven workers to bolster your numbers at a critical time.

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