80′s Nights at Rooster’s – Every Wednesday in October!

Rooster's 80s Prices

Nathan Glenn explains: “It’s a tribute, a thank you to our customer base. In 1984, Tim Glenn started the original Rooster’s downtown at Roach and Capitol. I was rummaging a few years back and found some of the original menus. I thought ‘wouldn’t that be fun to do a special with original 1984 prices?’ (It’s our) third year to do it. We told a couple of folks that first year and next thing you know, we had a line out the door. We served 400-500 people. It’s the damnedest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s gotten so big I have to bring a uniformed officer in just to keep the crowd calm. (They’re) fighting for the Rooster burger!  More at FindItInFondren