Freakin Friday Five Apps


Going into the weekend, relax! But get it together for next week! Here are a few suggestions for get-it-together apps.
1) Daily Routine – This app helps your remember the important things – pick up milk, schedule a haircut – quickly design a routine Daily Routine
2) Rocketr – I wasn’t sure about this app at first but if you are a thinker, this app is for you. It is a well programmed “notes-to-go”. Creator, Jet Cooper sez ““Rocketr was built on the premise that notes should come to life at the moment they are written. To capture our thoughts isn’t enough when you consider that they represent the seeds that become our best ideas. Our app is used most by entrepreneurs, freelancers and creative professionals working in small teams. They are the ones generating the most ideas and who are part of many groups across the many projects they get involved in.” Rocketr
3) TripIt – yep, just that, a great app for those who travel for work – includes maps and directions on where to go, gives the option to book theater tickets and restaurants and enables you to check in to flights and print your tickets. TripIt
4) Documents To-Go – lots of good reviews for this app. It is just what it says it is. Docs To-Go
5) Collections – I’m setting up a slideshow with this app. More info soon. Collections

Posted by Justin Bennett, Business Development DirectorJustin Bennett