Women as Bosses (Fortune Mag 1956)

Every week, Fortune.com publishes a favorite story from their magazine archives. This week, as Fortune launches the 2012 edition of its annual Most Powerful Women list, a ranking of the women who are shaping the future of technology, defense and media, this piece from 1956 looks at the progress women were making  in the workplace during the 50s — as well as some of the major obstacles. As a Woman-Owned business, we are happy to present this article by Katharine Hamill and to support Fortune’s publication of the Most Powerful Women list.

FORTUNE — There are more women in executive jobs today than there were fifteen years ago, five years ago, or a year ago, and men’s reluctance to give them executive rank seems to be diminishing. That is not to say that the historic barriers against women in top positions have crumbled. But the surface cracks are widening. Women Bosses Fortune Mag 1956

And when one woman does a good job in a corporation that has been skeptical about women, promotion comes a little easier for the next woman. Some companies are beginning to allow women to take their management-training courses. A woman sitting in on an executive conference is less of a shock to the male than she was only a few years ago. A few big companies–R.C.A., the Home Life Insurance Co., and the New York Central, for example–have even ushered women into the board room.