Why Companies Use Assessment Tests Before Hiring – And How to Ace Them.

When you’re out looking for a job, you’re obviously looking for one that matches best with your lifestyle, skills, ambitions, and pay requirements. Similarly, companies are looking for the candidates who will fit in with the job and perform the best.

And while most companies are satisfied with checking out your résumé and sitting you down for an interview or two, more and more are turning to something most of us thought we left behind in college: tests.

While these tests won’t be full of say, essay questions about 19th century poetry or the decline of the Eastern Roman Empire, this doesn’t mean they aren’t important. Some tests will test your mathematical skills or verbal competency to make sure you can effectively communicate, but many will be more open-ended “no right or wrong answer” type of tests. Most of these tests, like the famous Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, seek to establish the type of person the test taker is, and whether they’d fit in with the culture and demands of the company.

While there may be little or no outright right or wrong answers, there are certainly answers which are more correct or more incorrect than others. And like any test, you’ll do better if you do your homework, study, and get a good night’s sleep beforehand. Here are some tips to help you ace that test a prospective employer puts in front of you:

  • Above all, be honest. Honesty, besides being just the right thing to do, will help you avoid inconsistency in your answers.
  • It helps to do your homework and know as much as possible about the company you’re trying to land a job with. If two answers to a question seem equally valid, choose the one that best fits the culture and ethos of the company. Is this a business that values stability and tradition? Or is it one that promotes creativity and outside-the-box innovation?
  • When in doubt, do the right thing. Some of these tests may try to trap you, asking questions about scenarios where your action could help the company by doing something less than ethically or legally sound. Don’t try to be a “team player,” do the right thing, and always choose the ethically, morally, or legally correct option.
  • Finally, be thorough and be consistent. This isn’t high school, these tests probably won’t be timed. Take your time, read thoroughly, and re-check your answers. Often, these tests will repeat similar questions with different phrasing to see if you’re paying attention.

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