Our David Waugh…


This week brought the Annual Meeting of FAB (Fondren Association of Businesses) at St. Luke’s on Duling Ave.  Having been a small part of the start-up of this association, I “bear witness” to David Waugh’s first days as President of FAB. Quietly laying out a plan, focusing the skills he honed in his ministry in Hell’s Kitchen, David gave much of his time and energy to create an organization that has unified the businesses, old and new, located in Fondren.David Waugh 

David passed the torch Monday night to David Byrd of Fondren’s Regions Bank.  Mr. Byrd (our banker), we know you will lead this organization in continued growth.  These are exciting times in Fondren! BUT, David Waugh is still our “Mayor of Fondren”.  Congrats, David B.  MANY many thanks, David W.!

Posted by Elizabeth Robinson (Co-Founder, PSG and glass artist, GlassHouse)