Workplace Communication Tip – Week 14

Go Ahead, Put Yourself Out There

The key to moving through the learning curve of Nonviolent Communication in the workplace is practice. There are many opportunities throughout your day to practice your communication skills silently — from the morning or evening commute, to your lunch hour, to down time as you walk between meetings.

Making a committed effort to seize those opportunities will help you build confidence and competence in your new vocabulary, with no real risk.

It will also go far in shifting your thinking so empathy more naturally becomes your immediate response, regardless of the situation.

How could you “put yourself out there?” Can you think of some opportunities at work where you’ll likely be triggered and you can safely practice your silent empathy or self-empathy skills?


Mindful Practice for the Week

This week, identify at least one opportunity each day where you can “put yourself out there” and practice NVC using self-empathy or silent empathy.