Workplace Communication Tip – Week 13

Build Your Emotional Vocabulary

Have you ever struggled to accurately name your feelings beyond simple words like “good, bad, sad, or angry?” If so, you’re certainly not alone.

The workplace has historically been a space where feelings and needs had no merit, and often have been perceived as a threat to productivity. Workers are expected to remain rational, putting a cap on their feelings and needs.

“Checking in with our feelings and needs meets our need for empathy,” says Ike Lasater. In so doing we are often far more productive than we could be when our needs are left unmet.

Building your vocabulary of feelings and needs can have a profound affect on your awareness of them in the moment. Keep your list of feelings and needs on hand. At the moment you’re unclear what you’re feeling or needing, use this “cheat sheet” to help.


Mindful Practice for the Week

This week, keep your list of Feelings and Needs We All Have handy. Use it throughout your day to name a feeling or need you struggle to identify on your own. Start to notice how your improved vocabulary also helps you more accurately guess the feelings and needs of those around you.