Back by Demand: Five App Friday – For Attorneys


As professional sectors begin embracing the use of smart phones and tablets, we are all in a learning curve.  For this column, I want to explore apps that perform well for most businesses and look closely at those designed by profession.

Today – lookin’ at apps for lawyers:

1) DropBox – We learned about DropBox from our business coach, Scott Hamilton.  Not only is DropBox a great app for Attorneys – it’s just a great app. You can share photos, videos and documents in any format on DropBox.  You can share across your computer, laptop, smart phone and tablet.  Go to Court with no papers.  Share with other attorneys.  Dropbox will only get better.

2) FastCase – large law library and legal research system for free.  Smart Reads what you are looking for from your history. Customize your own legal library.

3) TrialPad – not free – but built just for attorneys – so I needed to mention it.

4) GoodReader – This app lets you annotate and mark-up documents right on your iPad and then save and email right from your device….great with DropBox – give it a look.

5) I struggled with the last to list today – not for lack of good apps – but to narrow down.  MiniBooks – invoicing and timetracking – Black’s Law Dictionary, 9th Edition – yep, the big boys are now available on iPhone/iPad – BUT I chose JotNot’s Scanner Pro – use your phone as a document image scanner – email, fax – I find this app to be a great solution for many needs.

Wait, ok one last one…Sign-n-Send – digital signatures right from your iPad – you gotta see it to believe it. Stephanie

 Posted by Stephanie Ulrich, Staffing Services Director