Temp-to-Hire: What It Is and How It Can Help You

One of our recent posts How a Staffing Firm Can Get Your “Foot in the Door” mentioned a “temp-to-hire” assignment. This can be a great assignment to have if you’re looking for regular work.

Read below for more about temp-to-hire assignments and why a job seeker should take one on when offered.

A temp-to-hire assignment is when a client has decided that it needs a position filled with a regular (on the client’s payroll) employee, but wants to “try” a worker out first. The assignment starts out as temporary and, if both you and the client feel you will be a great addition to their team, you can become a full employee of the client in about three months.

A temp-to-hire is a win-win for both you and the client. Both of you get to try each other out. Both of you can decide that the fit isn’t right. You don’t have to go on to the employer’s payroll if you don’t think you’d enjoy working for the company.

IF that happens, tell your staffing supervisor and you’ll be removed from the assignment. Your staffing manager will work hard to find you another assignment as quickly as possible.

The temp-to-hire arrangement also means the client can decide you’re not a good fit. If this happens, your staffing manager will let you know and you’ll be removed from the assignment. The staffing firm will work to find another candidate for the assignment.

Taking on a temp-to-hire position allows you to really get a good feel for the company and your supervisor. You’ll have plenty of time to see if the company’s culture meshes with your personality. You’ll also get a great idea of what it’s like to work for your boss.

There’s absolutely no shame in deciding that a temp-to-hire assignment is not one that you’d want to take on on a more permanent basis. Once you decide that the assignment is not for you, tell your staffing supervisor. You may be asked to stick with it for a few days or a week until the staffing service can find a replacement but you also might be able to leave it the very next day.

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