How Strategic Staffing Saves Your Company Money, Part 2

We discussed earlier how partnering with a strategic staffing service can help a company save money.

But we touched on just a few ways staffing strategically saves money. Here are some more:

Staffing firms test workers to make sure they have the skills a client company needs. We test, so you don’t have to.

In addition, we often train our temporary workers in needed skills. Again, so you don’t have to.

Many staffing firms, including the Professional Staffing Group, offer payrolling services. We do this automatically, of course, with our own employees who work on assignment for you, but we also can do this for your regular employees, saving you considerable time and money in regards to processing this critical – but, let’s face it, tedious – part of your human resources duties.

Terminating employees also is cost effective because you won’t actually be “terminating” anyone. Temporary employees are our employees, not yours. If you don’t need them, there’s no need to have a “lay off” and incur all the resultant costs (unemployment insurance, outplacement services, etc.) because they were never your employees. Plus, the workers aren’t really “laid off;” the workers know up front that the assignment isn’t permanent, and we often can place our employees in other assignments PDQ.

Some of our clients understandably are concerned that a large number of temporary workers means a large amount of extra work managing them. This needn’t be the case. We offer what is known in the staffing industry as a “vendor-on-premise” or “on-site” service in which one of our employees manages temporary staff. This person makes sure our workers are productive, handles all employee problems, schedules, recruits and also deals with payroll and any other issues of an administrative nature.

If you’re still not convinced that partnering with a strategic staffing service won’t save your Jackson company a considerable amount of money as well as time (time that can be better spent running your business), please contact the Professional Staffing Group for a free consultation. We love helping our client companies become more efficient and productive while saving money. Give us a call today!