Why Companies Need Recruiters

Ah, the recession! Been awful for job seekers and great for hiring.

Wait. Scratch that. As much as one would think a recession would be a good thing for companies when it comes to finding great talent (more people out of work, means it’s easier to find employees), the truth actually is far different: More people looking for jobs means more applications from people who – understandably eager if not desperate for work – apply to any and all openings that look remotely appealing to them…whether they’re qualified for the position or not.

In short, more people are applying to fewer jobs and company recruiters are swamped.

What’s more, there’s an actual bona fide shortage of candidates with skills in demand by many of our Jackson employers, especially those in the manufacturing sector, who are scratching their heads, wondering how they’re going to fill these critical skilled craftsmen positions.

These two job market confluences – too many desperate unemployed candidates applying to anything and a real dearth of skilled production workers – mean one thing: a good staffing service’s recruiter can be a true godsend.

How so? Here are just two (and they’re pretty important, if you ask us):

  • You’ll save time. And plenty of it. Let a staffing firm/recruiter cull through the hundreds of resumes. Let the recruiter conduct initial interviews. Let the staffing firm do the background checks. Let the recruiter say “no thank you” to those not qualified. What do you do? Interview the top three candidates, for example, and negotiate salary and benefits.
  • You’ll save your sanity. Small companies especially appreciate the benefit of having a recruiter/staffing service on their team. If you’re a manager in a small company, you undoubtedly wear many hats, including that of recruiter. You’ve better things to do with your time (such as sales, distribution, fulfillment, management, accounting, etc.) than to do something at which you’re not an expert. That’s where a great recruiter can help you do the things you do best so that you’re not bogged down with tasks at which you don’t excel (and probably don’t want to do anyway).

In addition, since recruiters/staffing services are experts at sourcing, vetting, interviewing, etc. they know the right way to do it, thus helping you avoid lawsuits by making sure the recruiting and hiring process is done by the book.

Naturally, we hope you’ll choose the Professional Staffing Group when you need expert recruiters in your arsenal. We’ve been matching job seekers and businesses in the Jackson, Mississippi area since 1994. Our recruiting techniques are proven, providing a 1:1 placement ratio (one client interview for one placement). Contact us today to learn more.