J. David Waugh

“Helping folk find avenues to improve their accessibility to meaningful employment and thus to a greater sense of self-fulfillment has been a hallmark of PSG’s service to our community. Getting that word out through the channels offered through social media has opened new windows into the process of connecting talent candidates with the top employers our state has to offer.”

David’s Story

David has returned to the PSG team after a two year hiatus, this time as the Social Media Manager. He also serves as support staff to his wife, Jane Sanders-Waugh, the company owner. While readily owning up to the fact that he is a novice to the world of social media, and perhaps a bit over the required age limit for persons in this role, he affirms that he is a fast learner and will even master the world of Twitter if it serves to benefit the clients of Professional Staffing Group. David’s background is that of a retired minister. Thirty five years of his life were filled the multiple roles that come as founder and pastor of congregations in Vermont, Rhode Island and New York City. During that time he was also active in the development of social service organizations. In New York he founded and directed Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries which provided needed services to homeless and/or under-employed adults as well as educational opportunities for children and youth living in New York’s famed Hell’s Kitchen.

Upon retiring from the pastorate, he married Jane Sanders and moved to Mississippi. Once here he soon became owner of two small property development companies, was employed as a former recruiter and business development manager for PSG and served a stint as pastor of a small congregation. He has been active in the promotion of businesses in the Fondren neighborhood and is active with Dialogue Jackson, an organization committed to building racial understanding and equity in Mississippi.


  • Thirty-five years of active pastoral ministry and development of new congregations
  • Ten years of development and promotion of non-profit agency
  • Five years as Director of Fondren Association of Businesses
  • Eight years as team member of Professional Staffing Group
  • Doctor of Ministry, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
  • Master of Divinity, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Bachelor of Arts, Wake Forest University
Position: Social Media ManagerEmail: davidw@prostaffgroup.com

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