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Here’s How to Make a Great First Impression at a Job Interview

  When meeting a person for the first time, it is natural to form an initial impression of who they are and whether they bring value to the table.  This fact holds true when you go to a job interview.  First impressions are incredibly important, from the way you dress to how you converse with… Read more »

Important Skills Your Next Employee Should Have

  As an employer looking for a candidate for a job opening, how do you determine what skills are necessary for a job seeker to possess and to what extent?  Certainly, your top candidates have the important hard skills that make them qualified for your job.  You have already reviewed their resumes, talked to them… Read more »

Follow These Resume Tips If You’re a Job Hopper

  It’s not uncommon for individuals to move among multiple jobs in a short period of time; however, companies often look unfavorably on someone who has had more than one job in a year.  So, what can you do to avoid being skipped over for the perfect job opportunity?  Here are some tips to help… Read more »

Manage Absenteeism With These Easy Tips

  Have you been concerned about the level of unscheduled absenteeism occurring in your business? According to the Department of Labor, in 2017, on any given day nearly 3 percent of an employer’s workforce was absent. There may be direct correlation between absenteeism and job satisfaction or workplace conditions. But in other cases, it may… Read more »

What You Shouldn’t Say in a Job Interview

  Your role in a job interview is to demonstrate your skills and accomplishments in such a way as to impress the hiring manager. To this end, confidence goes a long way. But what happens when confidence turns to arrogance and you inadvertently say the wrong thing? You only have this one chance to make… Read more »

Ways to Evaluate a Candidate’s Growth Potential

  Hiring for top talent is always a priority for businesses. But how do you assess growth potential in the initial interview process? During this time, you’re learning more about the candidates and their background and experience. You may even be asking about their accomplishments to give you an idea of how they benefited their… Read more »

MLK Day 2019

Service, outreach, acceptance, and love. This upcoming January 21st is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, an American federal holiday celebrating the life of Martin Luther King Jr., a chief nonviolent activist in the Civil Rights movement and an inspiration for freedom, justice, and equality. Soon after his assassination in 1968, the campaign started for the… Read more »

Setting Your Career Goals For 2019

  Do you want to find a new job in 2019? Or maybe you just want to advance in your current position or achieve career growth. In either case, it’s imperative to have a plan of action to help you achieve your career goals for the year. Before you start sending your resume or talking… Read more »

How to Successfully Reenter the Workforce

  Everyone knows that reentering the workforce can be difficult, regardless of why you were out of it. Before you begin applying to new jobs, it’s important you update your skills to demonstrate what you bring to the table today. There are a few things that can give you the advantage and give the hiring… Read more »

How to Keep Your Employees in the Loop

  One of the most common complaints from unhappy employees is a lack of communication. It’s important for leaders to keep their team up to date on what’s going on at all levels of the organization. There are a variety of ways to make communication a priority in the workplace. If you’re looking at new… Read more »