Yes, We Provide Benefits

Some PSG benefits apply to all kinds of placements.  Longer term assignments offer additional benefits not often provided by staffing firms. It’s a difference that sets PSG apart from it competition, and a difference that makes your working through PSG better for you and your career.

Here are a few PSG benefits and services that are available depending on your status.

PSG Registrants or Direct Hire / Short Term Temp-to-Hire Placements

If you have registered with PSG, but not currently working on a PSG Assignment or were placed on a Direct Hire or short term Temp-to-Hire position you have access to:

  • Free membership in the PSG Career Portal which offers a wide array of resources to support your career search and training goals.
  • Participation in PSG Referral Bonus Promotions
  • On-line skills assessment and training
  • Fully automated cloud based payroll processing with Personal EE Payroll Portal
  • Weekly or bi-weekly pay (depending on type of assignment)
  • Choice of direct deposit or pay card

Long Temp Assignments and / or Long Term Project Contractors

PSG candidates employed on long term temp assignments or special contractors assigned to PSG projects under contract have access to all the above benefits PLUS:

  • ACA-approved healthcare
  • Supplemental indemnity coverages
  • Vacation Pay
  • Holiday Pay (Depending on PSG / Client Contractual Agreement)

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