Our Success Depends On Yours

That is why savvy employers and job seekers turn to Professional Staffing Group, a certified independent Women-Owned Business based in the Deep South. By maximizing the use of today’s technology, engaging in masterful use of social media and gathering a team of staffing, recruiting and HR professionals, we have succeeded in serving both local and national markets.


Professional Staffing Group has more than 20 years of staffing industry success. We’ve weathered many economic storms over the years, but always managed to adapt and come out on top. We achieve this by being more than just a staffing firm, bringing years of experience industry experience to each search. That’s why we say, “Our expertise is understanding yours.”

Vision, Mission, Value

Our vision is to be influential and effective in the lives of people we encounter every day.

Our mission is to provide the best experience possible and exceed expectations of our clients, candidates, and partners.

Our values require a willingness to set aside self-preservation and commit to rigorous honesty, clear communications and congruent actions.

At PSG, each team member “owns” their job. And their job is to earn your loyalty through effective service.

We Succeed When You Do

If you’re an employer with job openings in Jackson, MS, job openings in Tupelo, MS, or job openings in Hattiesburg, MS, or a job seeker looking for a your next opportunity, we’re here to help you connect.

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Looking For a Partner?

You won’t find a firm that does more to help you reach your goals than Professional Staffing Group. We fill job openings in Jackson, MS, job openings in Tupelo, MS, and job openings in Hattiesburg, MS with educated, experienced talent.

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