The Most Important Qualities of a Successful Manager

  As the business world evolves, successful managers need to evolve with it. It’s important for managers to be transparent, understand the latest technology and lead by example. But how does this information translate into action for successful managers? If you’re looking to improve your skills as a leader in your company, how do you… Read more »

How to Spot a Bad Candidate So They Don’t Become a Bad Hire

  It’s okay to admit that hiring is hard, so it’s important you don’t make judgements too quickly or hire someone on the spot. There are certain red flags to look out for when interviewing potential candidates such as being unprepared, negative about past employers or leaving under bad circumstances. These red flags can help… Read more »

Get Your Top Employees Back on Track

  Every now and then, even your best employees may find themselves going a little off track. That doesn’t mean they’re a lost cause or you need to give up on them. In fact, the opposite is true. It’s your responsibility as their manager to get their heads back in the game. Your best employees… Read more »

Why Are Regular Staff Meetings Important?

  Poorly managed meetings can feel like they’re just a big waste of time, but they don’t have to be. In fact, a well-run team meeting can be essential for your company’s success. There are a lot of reasons regular staff meetings are important. They keep everyone informed, solve problems or concerns, and make sure… Read more »

Do You Have an Open-Door Policy?

  There is an age-old delineation between management and workers, but this concept of hierarchy may be outdated. Often, employees feel too intimidated to approach their bosses if they have a question or concern. The reason is because “boss” implies a certain pecking order. Instead, many managers are embracing a role as leader rather than… Read more »

Company Culture is More Important Than Ever!

  You’ve probably heard a lot about company culture and its importance in today’s employment market. Not only do you need to be concerned with what your company does, but who your company is. Your corporate culture, environment, team and values will all influence the types of candidates who will be interested in working with… Read more »

Why You Should Ask Behavioral Interview Questions

  The interview process is intended for you, the employer, to get to know potential hires before making a decision. But not everyone knows the right questions to ask or how to evaluate the answers provided. There is one method that can help you dig deep into a candidate’s experience and motivation and get you… Read more »

4 Ways to Make New Employees Feel Welcome

  Any new employee will have a period of adjustment when they start a job at your company. But how you welcome them and what happens within their first few days will influence their entire time at your company. An astounding 28 percent of employees leave a job within their first 90 days, and onboarding… Read more »

Should I Be Drug Testing Employees? The Pros and Cons

From the desk of Monique Bouyer, MBA   All employers share the difficult task of ensuring their staff is performing to their highest expectations. This will often mean randomly screening employees for illegal drug use. While it is vital that managers know their team members are doing their jobs well, requiring employees to participate in… Read more »

What You Should Ask During Phone Interviews

From the desk of Monique Bouyer, MBA – PSG General Manager   Phone interviews are a common tool used to vet potential employees before the in-person interview stage. They offer a convenient way to connect with many candidates on a more personal level than reading resumes and cover letters. But in order to effectively narrow… Read more »