Are You Investing in Employee Happiness? If Not, You Should!

  Did you know that happiness on the job directly correlates to increased productivity and company loyalty? If you’re not investing in employee happiness, it should be a priority for 2019. In a job market that is squarely in favor of candidates, it’s important to focus on keeping your current talent happy on the job,… Read more »

Reasons You Should Reject a Job Candidate

  The hiring process often feels like it’s about ruling people out of consideration. As much as you would like to hire everyone, you may only have one job opening and multiple candidates to consider. But there are some red flags that should help you make the right decisions. Before you move forward with any… Read more »

What to Consider When Thinking of Hiring an Overqualified Candidate

  As a manager, you’ve surely had instances where you consider an applicant overqualified for your open position. But is hiring someone with more experience a bad thing in the long run? There are several things to consider when looking at hiring an overqualified candidate. Don’t dismiss them outright just because you have a picture… Read more »

Mistakes to Avoid When Interviewing Job Candidates

  Interviewing is an art as well as a science. When you’re interviewing candidates for a new job, there are some topics you should avoid and some you want to be sure to cover. So, how do you know what you’re missing or what you should leave out to ensure you’re hiring the best person… Read more »

How to Help Your Employees Improve Their Customer Service Skills

  No matter your industry, customer service is an essential part of conducting business. So how do you help your employees improve their customer service skills? A good company will always strive to improve things, so let’s take a look at the skills you’ll want to enhance for your customer service strategy. By using these… Read more »

Three Ways to Improve Your Brand to Attract Top Talent

  When a company discusses branding, the understanding is very different in 2018 than it was just a few decades ago. It isn’t enough to buy a newspaper ad or list your company in the phone book. Today, a company brand will establish how people communicate about your business. Social media, word of mouth, and… Read more »

Get the Most Out of Interviewing Job Candidates

  Putting people in seats is not the goal of your hiring mission. You want to hire top candidates who can be future leaders within your organization. But how do you know what you’re looking for when it comes to interviews? Sure, you can go over their experience and tell them a little about the… Read more »

The Benefits of Having One-on-One Meetings With Employees

  Are you having one-on-one meetings with your employees? If so, it’s time look at whether these are a regular event or if you only set up these meetings to address problems. You may want to consider having regular one-on-one meetings to check in with each member of your team and discuss not only problems… Read more »

How to Immediately Set up New Hires for Success

  Onboarding is a big topic with human resources professionals today. And making sure new hires are set up for success before they even start is more important than ever. There is a startling statistic that most new hires leave before their first 90 days are up. To prevent this from happening in your business,… Read more »

Tips For Identifying a Negative Employee During an Interview

  Negativity is a contagion that, once introduced to an environment, is difficult to eradicate. So, how can you tell if a potential employee is going to bring that negative energy to your workplace? In the interview, you can ask some questions designed to get to the core of their personality to tell whether or… Read more »