Tips for Discussing Career Goals With Your Boss

  Many employees are concerned about sharing their career aspirations with their bosses. Why is that? Well, if you have long-term goals that might not align exactly with the company, you fear some type of retribution or being passed over for other opportunities within the corporate structure. But sharing your goals strategically could boost your… Read more »

Different Types of Interviews and How to Prepare for Them

  An interview is an interview is an interview, right? Well, in today’s modern world, informed by technology, that isn’t always the case. You may be asked to solve a problem, go to lunch, or be invited to a Skype interview. It’s important to know how to be prepared for each one. Before your next… Read more »

How to Evaluate Your Job Interview Performance

  Your interview is probably the last major task you need to accomplish before getting a job offer. Knowing there are multiple people being interviewed for the same position, you also know that only one person can get an offer. So how did you do? Most people think they know how it went and whether… Read more »

The Pros and Cons of Having an Infographic Resume

  If you’ve begun or renewed your job search recently, you have may have noticed that infographic resumes are becoming quite popular. How do you know if you should have a more graphic representation of your experience or stick with the tried and true? There are many pros and cons of having an infographic resume,… Read more »

Assessing and Cleaning Up Your Online Presence Before Job Hunting

  Your online presence is an important part of your personality, especially when looking for a job. It’s impossible to avoid social media today, so it’s important to make sure you’re taking steps to keep it neat and professional. Before you begin searching for a job, you will want to take a look at your… Read more »

Tips for Tailoring Your Resume for a Specific Job

  Tips for Tailoring Your Resume for a Specific Job When you’re applying for a new job, it’s important you tailor your resume for the specific position offered. Why? A generic resume gets generic results, but every job is a problem the employer is looking to solve, and they want to hire the best person… Read more »

The Best Questions to Ask a Hiring Manager at an Interview

  Before going into a job interview, it’s important to research the company and prepare questions to ask the hiring manager. There are a variety of questions that will not only give you the right perspective on the job, but also let the manager know you’re serious about working for their company. So what questions… Read more »

The Benefits of Working for a Leader That Supports You

  For many years, employers were looking for employees who would remain loyal to their companies and work until they retired. In recent years, that paradigm has shifted, and many employees are looking for more out of their careers than just a retirement party and an engraved watch. So, what are employees looking for? They… Read more »

How to Use Social Media Effectively to Land Your Next Job

  Love it or hate it, social media is not a passing fad. Both recruiters and job seekers use it to find candidates or jobs. Even with some of the recent concerns around Facebook, the platform for connecting with others is not going anywhere anytime soon. And today, that means many job seekers are using… Read more »

HOT JOB OF THE WEEK: Physical Therapist – Home Health

Physical Therapy – Home Health If you’re a PT who values building patient relationships, schedule flexibility, and getting to see the real world outside of the clinic walls, you should consider home health! Physical Therapy in the home health setting offers several advantages over clinic and hospital work, including a more flexible schedule, a much… Read more »