Jane Sanders-Waugh, JD Owner/President

“At PSG, everyone owns their job. My job is to ensure PSG Directors and staff have the tools, training and support they need to achieve company and personal goals, then get out of their way.”

Jane’s Story

”Oh dear God, please don’t let me be normal!” says Louisa in the Fantastiks, one of my favorite musicals. I was not much older than the character when I made that my prayer too. I am not sure if my prayers were answered or if God has a sense of humor, because I am anything but normal!

“Not normal” led me to get a formal education in multiple fields: science, art and philosophy – but to make a living in business.

“Not normal” led me to co-found the first employee-leasing firm in the Southeastern United States, then earn my law degree from Mississippi College at age 40. Finding myself unemployed and unmarried in a recession, I proved the adage that “necessity is the mother of invention,” and I launched the first “Contract Attorneys” services firm (Legal Resources) in the state.

“Not normal” led to the creation of my current business, Professional Staffing Group, LLC.

With over 20 years of experience in the recruiting and staffing industry, I have enjoyed bringing people together to collaborate, explore interests and create opportunity. My heart is in helping people—clients, candidates, employees, friends or strangers. It’s all about personal and professional growth.

In my personal life, I gravitate towards the arts, which I find to be inspiring, challenging and creative. When I am not working, you can find me acting in small local theatre productions or writing poetry for my own enjoyment.

When I need to escape, I retreat to my backyard to meditate and garden, or I will engage in yoga and pilates. Seeking the truth in all things, especially myself, keeps me full of humility and humor. One cannot take oneself too seriously; we are all in the life game together. Live authentically, forgive genuinely—this makes for lasting relationships both personally and professionally.

Jane’s Role

Jane is the Owner/President of Professional Staffing Group. She is committed to a management style that fosters both the professional and personal growth of employees and delivers a service experience beyond expectations to clients, candidates and partners.

At PSG, everyone owns their job. Its culture is grounded in personal responsibility and accountability, and Jane seeks to ensure that PSG Directors and staff have the tools, training and support they need to achieve company and personal goals. Then, she likes to get out of their way.


  • BS, Education, Speech & Theater, Mississippi College (1973)
  • JD, Mississippi College (1991)
  • Active Member, Mississippi Bar Association
  • Active Member, Capital Area Bar Association

Monique Bouyer, MBA General Manager

“We’re all professionals who have worked in varied industries in diverse positions. I believe the combination of our talents, skills and experience gives PSG a distinct edge in the staffing industry.”

Monique’s Story

Monique started her career in New Orleans in 1991 working in banking and finance with J.P. Morgan Chase. She left the financial industry to gain consulting experience, and she spent two years as a consultant with the Deloitte Consulting Group in the practice area of healthcare.

A native of Opelousas, Louisiana, Monique wound up in Jackson after getting in the wrong lane during the Hurricane Katrina evacuation out of New Orleans. At that time, she had been living and working in the Big Easy as an executive for Chase Bank for over 12 years.

After connecting with an old college friend in Jackson, Monique stayed to pursue her dream of advanced education. She enrolled in Millsaps College’s Graduate School where she earned an MBA and a master’s in accountancy. And, she married her friend!

Monique’s Role

Monique joined Professional Staffing Group in 2010 as a Project Manager to help the company develop a Consulting and Interim Professional Contracting niche.  Due to her expertise, PSG was able to secure Healthcare IT-related contracts at two of the largest healthcare systems in Mississippi.

Monique also performed as a PSG Interim Professional, serving as Interim COO to the Jackson Heart Study, a nationally recognized collaborative research effort between the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson State University, Tougaloo College and the National Institutes of Health. In January 2015, she assumed the position of General Manager at PSG, where she continues to bring best practices and processes to the company.

Monique’s goal is to be instrumental in expanding the reach of PSG and differentiating the company from traditional staffing firms.


  • BS in Accounting, Southern University at Baton Rouge (1989)
  • MBA, Management and International Business, Millsaps College (2008)
  • 20 years in banking, finance, training and project management
  • Vice Chair Professional Managerial Policy Council – American Staffing Association

Theresa Robinson, CSP Office Administrator & HR Coordinator

“Working with Professional Staffing Group gives me the opportunity to pass along tidbits – ones not taught in class – to give someone an edge.”

Theresa’s Story

Theresa was raised in Brookhaven, MS.  She came to the “big” city in the 1980s to attend Jackson State University where she graduated with a degree in accounting. Theresa joined Professional Staffing Group in October 2013 as the company was going through internal changes in management and taking on a new business model. With years of experience in accounting and high-level administrative support, Theresa brought a grounding presence to the PSG Team as the new office administrator.

Office Administrator by day, but in her own words, “foodie by night!” She loves to watch food shows, root for competitors and pick up tips from the world-class chefs. “I love making the rounds to the many fine eateries in Jackson. I learned that presentation is very important to the experience of the food.”

Theresa’s Role

Theresa’s role has evolved since she joined PSG. She now has taken on the role of HR Coordinator. Besides the many office administrative duties that she performs that keep the team running smoothly, Theresa works in conjunction with the PSG Recruiters, General Manager, and the Staff Accountant; she handles all onboarding activities, monitors timesheet processes, manages benefit enrollments, and maintains email lists.

With everything in its place, Theresa’s work product is as clean as her desk. Her behind the scenes work with PSG candidates engenders a sense of trust and loyalty that is reflected in turn through the service the candidates provide to PSG clients.

“I encourage candidates to realize that the first impressions are as critical as any qualifications, experiences and book-learning they may have printed on a fine piece of linen paper. A good candidate can make a spectacular impression, but it’s more than just their qualifications: like good food, it is also presentation.”


  • BS Accounting, Jackson State University
  • 25+ years Accounting & High-Level Business Administrative Support
  • CSP, American Staffing Association Certification
  • Continuing Studies in Human Resources

Sarah Wolfe, CSP Recruitment Manager

“I really enjoy helping our candidates find jobs while also ensuring that our clients find the best employment solution for their needs.”

Sarah’s Story

Though raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Sarah has deep family roots in Jackson. She attended Millsaps College before receiving a B.A. in English Literature from Louisiana State University in 1993. After graduation, she headed west to Seattle for five years where she earned a second degree in graphic design before returning to Jackson in 2009.

Sarah’s Role

Sarah eagerly started at the front desk in May 2010, where she learned the back office administration associated with hourly staffing. Sarah also spent six months on-site with a major client, providing critical project support to both PSG and the client’s HR team.

It wasn’t long before she was managing job boards, posting jobs, overseeing local advertising and assisting as Project Coordinator. Sarah is now PSG’s Recruitment Manager and works a full direct hire desk herself.  She is engaged with recruiting, interviewing, coaching and counseling, and onboarding as well ensuring the quality of service delivered by the Specialty Recruiters.

Sarah is a life-long learner.  She seeks out training that not only advances her career, but also translates into service her clients and candidates constantly praise. She completed PSG’s Top Producer Recruiter Training Program with high honors. Thereafter, she obtained her Certified Staffing Professional (CSP) designation from the American Staffing Association.

Sarah maintains relationships with clients and recruits for a wide variety of positions including medical office support, clinical LPN and RN positions, general office administration, accounting and IT roles.

Sarah particularly takes pleasure in working for a small business because she quickly sees the results of her personal interactions and contributions with candidates and clients.


  • BA, English Literature, Louisiana State University (1993)
  • AA, Graphic Design, Shoreline Community College (2000)
  • Top Producer Recruiter Training 80 Week Course – Certificate of Completion
  • CSP – Certified Staffing Professional / American Staffing Association
  • Chair of American Staffing Association Mississippi Council – 2017

Tina Swinford, CSP Industrial Specialty Recruiter

“I especially enjoy working in the industrial sector.  Seeing people get good jobs that really make a difference in their lives makes getting up and going to work a daily joy!”  

Tina’s Story

Prior to joining PSG, Tina worked with a national staffing firm for nearly 15 years. Originally from Arkansas, both Tina and her husband moved to Mississippi for their work, first to Grenada and then on to Jackson. When her office was closed in 2014, one of Tina’s clients, a former PSG candidate, called the owner of PSG and asked her to hire Tina! That client did not want to lose the best personal service she had ever received. It was perfect timing, too! Tina was hired and joined the firm in January 2015.

Tina and her husband have two children and live in Flowood, MS.

Tina’s Role

Tina is an integral part of PSG’s newer industrial sector. As a senior recruiter with many years’ experience, Tina knows how to develop and maintain a pool of candidates who are ready to meet the needs of PSG’s industrial clients.

Tina’s expertise is largely with manufacturing facilities and assembly lines. She really shines when it comes to cultivating good relationships with her candidates and PSG associate employees. The respect they have for her is reflected in the work they do for PSG clients.

“I enjoy working with my candidates,” she says. “Some have never been given an opportunity to show their skills! It’s nice when a client recognizes those skills and hires them, and a candidate calls back to say ‘thank you for that chance,’ for an opportunity they’d never had. That’s when I know I’ve done my job right.”


  • BBA, Marketing Logistics, University of Memphis (2000)
  • Certified DOT Hazardous Materials
  • Workers’ Comp Certification
  • CSP, Certified Staffing Professional, American Staffing Association
  • Top Producer Recruiter Training 80 Week Course – Certificate of Completion
  • Extensive Staffing Experience with National/Regional and Local Industrial Employers

Myra Penton, CSP Specialty Recruiter


“I enjoy making a difference in people’s lives by helping to find not just a job, but a career that fits them to a tee. I know the value of a job you actually like going to every day because I have one!”

Myra’s Story

Myra lives in Mendenhall in Simpson County.  She has three grown children, two sweet grandbabies she misses in Colorado and one to spoil here in Mississippi.

Myra officially joined PSG in August of 2013 after working temporary assignments as a PSG Associate Employee. Having found a gem, PSG hired Myra to become part of the internal staff as the Staffing Coordinator.

Myra is a natural in the staffing world.  She committed to the PSG Recruiter 80 weeks training, which she completed with high marks.  She also earned her American Staffing Association certification, CSP, and was promoted to Specialty Recruiter in 2017.

Myra’s Role

Having been a legal secretary and executive assistant for 25 years, Myra is an ideal recruiter to focus on the legal and corporate sectors, working with all levels of support staff positions in law firms and corporations. She also has personal work experience with medical office administration in small clinics and hospital settings. Her first-hand knowledge of these work environments – combined with PSG’s professional staffing training – has helped Myra become a trusted advisor to the clients and candidates she serves.

Myra’s co-workers are so proud of her!  “It’s been great,” she said. “It’s the best job I’ve ever had.”


  • Coursework at Midland College, Texas
  • 25 Years Executive Assistant and Legal Secretary
  • Professional Staffing Group Associate Employee – Legal & Medical Office
  • Top Producer Recuiter Training – 80 Weeks, Certificate of Completion
  • CSP, American Staffing Association Certification

Terrence Mosley Technical Recruiter

“The keys to getting people to open up and respond to you are pleasant persistence and always being genuine. When I believe in the job opportunity, those I am talking to do, too. If the job is not for them, I almost always get a referral.”

Terrence’s Story

Terrence is a life-long Jacksonian. Though he left the state to earn his advanced engineering degree at Georgia Tech, he always planned to return home to give back to his state and community. He worked with General Motors for nearly 20 years until the Mississippi plant closed in the mid-2000s. Not wanting to leave and ever the entrepreneur, he set up Orleans Holdings, LLC out of which he manages several real estate-related businesses. After meeting Terrence, PSG was quick to “recruit” him to be our technical recruiter.

Terrence’s Role

Terrence works flextime with PSG, primarily on special projects or needs specific to his personal areas of expertise. We draw on his career experience as an engineer and personal expertise with technology as well as his honed recruiting skills.


  • Georgia Institute of Technology (1993)
  • Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College at Baton Rouge (1990)